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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Normally we do Tuesday, but I may be "out of pocket" as the Brits say tomorrow and we all know I is a MOPAR guy!
My rule of thumb is generally do not drive anyplace just to get there! I am heading down to Tennessee for business and see the AACA Museum in Hershey Pa. has the 100 years of Dodge exhibit winding down so it is on the way, break up the drive!  
 The lighting is tough so sorry for some poor shots, the best part of this museum is they rotate exhibits and display vehicles, this may be my 4th visit in a year so far.

 One of the most luxurious Dodge's I have seen

 Owning a 78 Magnum I got a kick out of this odd color scheme 318 T-top car, I like it's original condition down to full wheel covers

 Always exciting to see a DAYTONA and a great resto it was!

 Create a diversion while I secure this in my truck!

 The former CEO of Chrysler had his technicians Viperize this 70 Challenger

 CARHUNTER is looking for a nice low mileage original 318 Dart for the collection! 

I get wind of a large truck show just into Virginia and without an exact address I kinda wing it and I knew it was over Saturday,but I saw vintage trucks on I81 and found quite a few still there!
 This collector lives local and has a much larger collection at home which focuses on medium and heavy duty MOPAR trucks!

 TRUCKHUNTER for the day
Eavers car museum in Stuart Virginia, which I had been to before was another chance to stretch my legs a bit 
 It is one racing family's personal collection and the jewel of the collection is this altered drag racer
 A friendship with the late and great Ronnie Sox of Sox and Martin fame is how the Eaver's got this piece of history. The visit also includes a vintage general store display

and next door is an antiques shop, always worth a stop in and even refuel here too!
 A/FX = Altered (wheelbase) / experimental 

 Note the forward axle 
 Note the rear wheels are not where they were original planted and with a very potent HEMI under the hood these cars were going beyond normal limitations of a basically stock car
I had to use this to show why the name funny car was pegged on these cars, they looked funny!
1966 is when the first fiberglass body tube chassis top fuel cars started to show up. NHRA needed to soon create new classes.The split up netted the Top Fuel Funny cars and what was now called Pro Stock. Back in the day the body on top fuelers still was recognized as the car it mimicked. 
Pro Stock which was my favorite class still looked like a stock bodied car. Sox and Martin went with the Pro Stock class
The most recognized Pro Stock cars of all time for sure!

 How low tech was racing back in the day compared to today 

 Ronnie Sox, Buddy Martin and Jake King at the wrench was a winning team

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