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Monday, September 22, 2014


I am in Nashville and hear about a Sunday AM cruise at Marathon Village  
Rain and multiple area large car events kept it a low turnout

The Southern Engine and Boiler Works evolved into Marathon Motor Works 
 Although short lived 1907 to 1914 the factory survived!

 Although Nissan and Saturn have built factories nearby this is the only auto built in Nashville!

 The buildings subdivided into artists lofts, recording studios and offices 
 I walked the halls on a Sunday AM and was amazed by all the old photos and memorabilia 

 Great job of restoring an old factory while keeping it original looking  

 Event space and recording studios

This is the museum housed in the old showroom above that serves as the administration building

These may be some of the only examples of Marathons out there? 

If you watch American Pickers you may notice they mention the Nashville store and here it is right in the old Marathon Motor Works factory! 

Gotta love Nashville, this was on the street
This may still be hiding in the Smoky Mountain car museum?

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