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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Last year I was passing through Memphis and by accident wound up across the street from Graceland got sidetracked and missed the Elvis car museum  by a few hours, I did not expect much, but was right there!
 Sadly I made it in this time, LOL!
 A couple years ago I was at a collector show and a guy took one of those model car display cases with rubber dog poop in it and labeled as Richard Petty's doo doo, pretty funny!
The museum is kinda like the doo-doo
 I liked Elvis as a kid, but the entire crazy flocking to Graceland $$$ is merchandising - he did die of  a drug overdose, right? I can see it now a toothbrush Elvis used in a display case and people taking photos
 What you see in the Elvis car museum is just a bunch of mundane cars once owned by Elvis although the Stutz is supposed to be the prototype,WRONG this is the prototype below which was actually sold to the King

 Security at Graceland used this Jeep Surrey- say it, ooh!!

Another Stutz Elvis bought

 The John Deere is killing me 

His Dodge assigned to the Mississippi Horse Ranch not here!
 privately owned

Damn George Barris made it in here!
 Designed by Barris now resides in the Country Music Hall of Fame not Elvis's Graceland museum
another Barris Elvis creation
Not in the Elvis museum
 Parking is $10 and I admit I slide into a parking lot of a souvenir shop and slid out the side door $10 saved! It still was $12 to see this mess of cars, save the trip! 
Someone should be Taking Care of Business, the damn plane is going to pot!!
It would have been neat to see some of the crazy Elvis customs
 Both not widely credited to Jay Ohrberg

Nudie Cohn, a Jew from the Ukraine designed many of the Elvis outfits, but built many a custom car and the 74 Pontiac was reported to have been built for Elvis who lost it in a poker game to Buck Owens and it resides in Buck Owens Crystal Palace museum now
Oh vey!

Elvis bought many many cars and sometimes as gifts.The cars pop up all over the place, but a very clear theme is almost of all of them are nothing special. Elvis really had no taste for customizing or buying some super valuable cars like muscle cars. he did drive some crazy cars in movies, but he never owned them. 

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