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Monday, September 1, 2014


I was unsure if  I had to work so armed with the possability of hitting some car shows I was aimed towards New Jersey 
Two thumbs up for the Dead Mans Curve guys because they nailed it! The Mahwah Sheraton was transformed into a car lovers fantasy!
The lobby of the hotel had "stuff" all over and they renamed all the rooms in the lobby like the surf city bar
It was truly a Wild Hot Rod Weekend

The kid says "don't forget to check out the ballroom" oh and I did!
I followed signs into the parking garage (free) and easy access to the hotel with all the amenities of the guests 
Crossing over to the hotel I was met with my first taste and knew this would be great

Yes it is the real one that was left in Puerto Rico

WOW brings back memories a speed shop in the city!

Hey look Dennis Gage doing a segment 

Pop out to parking areas and had to be 800+ cars there!

ONE WAY alright for a 1/4 mile at least!

5.7 V8 in a Porsche 914! 

Kustom Korner was live custom demos including the Top Chop already started at this point

You don't see too many Dune Buggy's and even less with extensive murals

Hold on little Rat Fink!

A Big Block Chevy engineering marvel   

318 3spd stick on the floor

A RAT ROD Challenger!

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