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Monday, September 8, 2014


I have said it before and will reinforce it again, collector cars and art museums are like oil and water and they do not mix well!
The High Art Museum in Atlanta has an exhibit leaving September 14th and features some very unique concept cars from other collections around the country

A big surprise was that county residents had free admission and to my favor any Bank Of America Card holder too! This meant an enormous amount of it's free , it's for me folks flocked! This meant not the usual upper crust art museum attendees nor serious car enthusiasts. 
Do you think these people care that they are seeing the Norman Timbs Special, well I certainly did! 
Very poor lighting and rather obnoxious people made it almost torture to get a few photos and the cars and get back on the road, I drove way out of my way to get here. I was bumped, had people walk right into the camera and when I finally got a clear shot someone leans into the display to almost touch the car because they can not articulate what they want to share with their pal.  

I first saw the Tasco at the Auburn/Cord/Duesenburg museum in Auburn Indiana
Gordon Buehrig probably best known for the Cord 810/812 was the force behind many GM, Packard,Stutz and the Auburn Boattail Speedster. 
Another Edsel Ford one off

This one was running around the Woodward Dream cruise in 2012

Now I have seen 2 of the Thunderbolts!

I would drive one and it's a MOPAR!

The Buick Lesabre concept car from the GM Heritage collection, my 2nd meeting

Buick Centurian from the Sloan museum in Flint Mich, 1st time I saw it and then it was at the Heritage Gardens in Mass. my 2nd encounter and now here.   

Cadillac Cyclone from the GM Heritage collection, now my 3rd encounter, 1-GM collection Sterling Hts, Michigan 2- Amelia Island Concour D'Elegance Florida and  Now at the High Museum in Atlanta!

Didn't this go under water for James Bond,oops that was a Lotus 

Hold the boat! This is a replica in an art museum?

The Firebird also follows me around or? 

I spent a long time here trying to get some quick photos and being as aware of others around me taking photos too. As usual at venues like this some idiot comes over and bursts my bubble of excitement and this time a security guard tells me I am not allowed to take photos??????? 
I say everyone in the room is taking photos (even standing in front of the car tweeting or emailing the photo out to the worldwide web live) and she says,but they are using phones! welcome to the future security chick my cell phone even takes better quality photos then my cheap amateur digital camera and I can not transmit them out live. I understand all restrictions of professional photo equipment and media allowances and restrictions but come on! 
I am forced to get a photo permit which consisted of not taking any ID but signing a sheet and getting this nifty stick on permit which I returned on one of the garden sculptors above in the courtyard after I escaped the thunder dome! The museum is trying to control the marketing of vehicles that they do not own? I mentioned the ones I have already seen in person for a reason and the owners had no restriction when I was taking photos at their homes! I enter the exit (like that one?) and of course it is the gift shop selling post cards, posters and photos of the cars that are not theirs. Public art should be driven by the intention of sharing, educating and preserving and I understand they need funds to operate, but can you train your staff on how to recognize who is doing commercial photography, of course the CARHUNTER is making millions from this blog!!
In my opinion you could have put some very run of the mill classic cars in here and gotten the same interest from most of the museum goers and I have noted in previous situations that crowds that appreciate a bunch of pipes acting as a waterfall do not have the slightest understanding of a true historic concept car. Oil and Water!   

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