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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Seems that the cars were a little more exciting than 100 years ago!
A very exciting year for cars, pivotal .
The first muscle car? GRRRRRRRRR
John Delorean brought us the 1st muscle car GTO inspired by an Italian sports cars.
As per Ralph Nader the rear engine Corvair was unsafe at any speed!
The Mustang debuts and paces the Indy 500 
President Lyndon Johnson has his first State of The Union address after the tragic and very public assassination Of  John F. Kennedy. The TV coverage changed the world for ever and sadly a car became a symbol of tragedy.  The X-100 was actually a 1961 and most people did not realize it was Blue. Ford had updated the car yearly to make it look current.
After Johnson was sworn it, some of his first orders were "get that damn car painted Black"
It was the last time a President rode in an open car, the X-100 was put back in service painted Black with its existing protective roof permanently installed. A face lift  made the car essentially a 1964 Lincoln as the car was back on the job May 1964.  

The most famous Turbine car is produced in limited numbers then Chrysler destroys most of them.
Station Wagons were cool!
Volvo Sports car!
Only about 39 Ferrari GTO's are built, one recently sold for 50 Million.
The iconic Porsche 911.
The Japanese big 3 had not landed  hard yet in the USA, with many tiny little economy cars they had some nifty sports cars.
Toyota started in 1958, but we did not notice. As a Toyopet.
Honda- not until 1970
A 1964 S600
Datsun in 1965
February 9 1964 the Beatles hit NYC like a hurricane!
The Plaza Hotel was never the same!
Beatles arriving in Cleveland
And GMC made some basic purpose built trucks before it was a trend.
The HEMI made the street scene.
Mercedes had a certain simple elegance. 
 And class
 without being too pretentious.
BMW had not settled in yet, not until 1975
Caddy Cool
Lincoln made you the man!
Imperial was still its own car line.
January 18th plans to build the World Trade Center are announced.
Over the road trucks were still rather stark.
Not as glamorous.
Dodge Built Heavy Duty trucks.
I grew up with the Fishbowl Gm Buses.
The Verrazano Bridge opens to traffic and its first traffic jam!
Average cost of a new home $20,500, yearly income 5,880, gas was .30 cents a gallon, a stamp was .05 cents. Average price of a new car $2000-$3000
Fire trucks still simple.
Police cars  were more 4 door muscle cars.
Matching set Canadian Mercury's
No Truck ambulances.
The Vette was coming into its legend status.
NASCAR ironmen
Precursor to Funny cars- altered wheel base drag cars
Factory drag cars
Van craze did not hit yet, we used em as utility vehicles!

Military base closings include the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Brooklyn Army Terminal 
We wanted to hit the road and go camping!
The manufacturers helped! 
Dodge Travco 413 big block!
Jeopardy TV show is aired and still on!
Winnebago had not built mobile homes yet.
The Worlds Fair was in NY.
Cars were a big part and getting us moving!
Timing is right since the 1964 NY Worlds fair opened 50 years ago today

50 years later I took some photos of the GM train in St. Louis at the transportation museum

Shot a quick photo of this tire in 2012 on I94 heading into Detroit, its new home!
A little updated though

Even though I was very young I remember dad picking me up behind this license plate below to stand on the platform (very young and short), yes I have the photo and no I won't post it! Damn crewcut! 

President Johnson announces the A-11 spy plane, in reality the plane had been developed as a replacement for the U2 spyplane and was already in use. It had evolved into the A-12 or more commonly known as the SR-71 variant. By 1998 the planes had been taken out of service. The U2 is still in use.  
The Rolling Stones first album!
1964 INDY 500 WINNER
Piloted by AJ Foyt His second of record 4 wins and did it in '64 on the same set of tires!
Fatal crash killed  Eddie Sachs and Dave MacDonald
Parnelli Jones Escapes the flames!
JC Whitney Catalogue was already  around 50 years!

 Yup GI Joe is 50 
 He had some cool rides!
Yes 50 years ago and even I was around!
1964 was very cool!
My dad was still working for 7up so we were all excited at the Worlds Fair 1964  pavilion!

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  1. Awesome story. A time of wonder and innovation. My parent went to the fair in flushing. Heard the stories. I was show them this to see if they recognize any of the attractions.