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Thursday, April 24, 2014


In my haste I forgot to mention the name is the Keystone Tractor museum in Colonial Heights Virginia
and if you stayed on I95 near Roanoke may have noticed the building. It was only because I spotted it a year ago that I heard about it!!
After I walked the giant Tractor collection I headed to the ramp and overhead door in the corner and find an fantastic collection of restored trucks!

 There is just a certain flare and feeling of the American Spirit when you see these old work horses! 
 General Motors Truck became GMC's


 Ford looks like it's baby brother

 Likes Diamond T's huh?

 International Harvester 

 Federal trucks are pretty rare!

 Long Nose Chevrolet tractor
 Mack logging rig
 Fell in love with this Studebaker 
 Very rare Corbett
 Mack chain drive Bulldog 

 This Diamond T over the road tractor was unreal
 Diamond T

 I kept ignoring this keeping myself in suspense
 It has a Buick V8 added up front to add more horsepower to the existing engine
 I still get a headache trying to figure out how this thing works!

There is actually more coming!

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  1. That's some collection of trucks! I've only seen that pointy nose/ extra engine truck in a book once.