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Saturday, April 12, 2014


If my memory is correct this weekend was my 5th attendance of the Pigeon Forge Tennessee Rod Run.
I think some background is a good idea, it all started at the Grand Resort and convention center with indoor vendors and a car show in the parking lot. For some reason it exploded up and down the main street called simply Parkway and for miles in either direction cars and trucks of every type would flock here twice a year. The grand hotel was not the highest rated (I am going to skip some negative feedback about that) and the hotel started to go through a reconstruction and last fall was closed, but they still did the show although things were a little off including no indoor bathrooms. 
Something new happened last year Pigeon Forge gets a hi-tech convention center 
Just a stones throw over the Little Pigeon river at traffic light #5 
Although I think the new venue is great there are still some kinks to work out, with my own eyes I confirmed traffic light #5 Jake Thomas Blvd. crosses you right over the river and at the front entrance of the new convention center. When I used the website it showed it 1.5 miles from the main strip, I was worried about the distance on foot knowing I was already walking miles and it would in theory be twice the distance to double back to the bridge. There appeared to be a last minute power struggle because flyers said traffic light 6 and at the same location where the now half rebuilt Grand hotel is? Also no hours of the actual show so I started emailing and calling them a week before with no responses. I think whatever was still being sorted out did get sorted out and works perfectly!    
 It is actually very nice and has a riverwalk
 This new venue has taken the new name Pigeon Forge Rod Run and still in April and September, but now there is large indoor modern event space to hold a world class rod and custom show which also now has an outside display area at least 5 times larger.
Again I am just going to pop some photos from the spring run a little at a time 

 Could not get confirmation, but a very large number of station wagons, sedan deliveries and panel trucks were here? Do the clubs plan on hitting Pigeon Forge? 
 One year many Mustang II Cobras were scattered all over! There seems to a secret theme each show that is never discussed, but again remember the whole crazy thing is a just a rogue assemblage outside of the main organized show. People just show up and take a spot for the weekend although some like to cruise up and down the strip!

 Yes a Ford powered pro street Saab

 Yup a lengthened Vega made into a pick up with a mid engine small block V8 

 This thing was loud, could wake the dead!



  1. Looks like a great place to be. One year I'll go there with the family.

  2. Dig the M body wagons! Secret theme? YHEA!
    I'd love to get down on the parkway for this event- maybe next year?