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Sunday, April 13, 2014


My first visit here was on the way into Pigeon Forge when I thought the show ran all day Sunday also!
Rolled in about 3pm on Saturday and learned most people rolled out Sunday AM and booked a hotel at the end of the strip in Sevierville and had to drive in and find a paid parking spot. Now I  get in before Saturday and leave Sunday AM. Hey I was wet behind the ears my first time!
So 2 years later I hit the Muscle car Museum on my way out with all the time in the world on Sunday AM, enjoy part one.
 Floyd Garrett 2 years later impressed me as there were some changes
 One funny thing is that for some reason it is hard to take clear photos?
 Some were not usable and some blurry so have some patience   

 Do you like Hemi's?

 So I walked past this then something caught my eye!

 Floyd has a love of the multi carb odd Fords 

 Did you answer yes about Hemi's?

 You said no?

 What a nice 340 unusual color Duster, yes 4 speed

 Is that another Hemi?

 My hands down favorite in the museum

This is all factory stock!

 Don't throw the name Super Duty around so much, READ THIS!
 Go ahead scratch your head
 Last time I stopped in the yellow FORD King Cobra version was here
 This is the Mercury

Was in the same spot back then, I'll get my photos out for the devoted blog
This ended the NASCAR aero war - look for a full blog on these, I have seen 2 now!!
More to come from the Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum in Sevierville Tennessee

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