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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Being a car guy I always noticed those converted vehicles with a career,working rides.
How cool is a restored armoured car?

Mobile check cashing from 1967?

I want one!!
Crazy to see how these armoured vehicles changed over the years
Odd choice International Scout 
During the 50's the good ole US Gov't made sure we had a good fear going.
Say hello to the Civil Defense Trucks
We needed to protect ourselves from invasion and pending doom!
The most famous were the purpose built trucks like above with a manifest of high tech gear! 
The familiar blue and white scheme found many special built vehicles all over the country
An urban search and rescue (a more modern term)
These vehicles led a rather sedate life as they were usually in reserve for real disasters
This would explain why many still exist today with rather low mileage
State of the art in the 50's and 60's meant outdated in the 90's
The 90's is about when Civil Defense program disappeared  
Large Fire and Police departments absorbed the role  

The New York City Police Department Civil defense program was the Auxiliary Forces and there were yearly disaster drills in the NY area 
Three of these 1950's Reo/Boyertown Civil Defense trucks stayed with NYPD until the 90's as Auxiliary Emergency Service and finally Patrol Support Unit

Ah yes the famous Geiger Counter Civil Defense kit, do you have yours, I do! Really a brand new kit purchased off ebay!
My favorite is the the pen size pocket detector

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  1. nice to know about the history of these vehicles.These are really awesome and very useful vehicles of old age.I like them so much.Nice work done on the blog and its very informative.All about the cars.I like it so much.