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Monday, February 13, 2017


 CARHUNTER continues from the Goodguys in Rhinebeck
told you better shots were a coming!

Now that is a HEMI SIX-PACK

PPG has some crazy color lines and I don't think the photos can do this Chrysler justice?
Hey this Bellmore regular gets around!
Oh yes dear this is a Packard

It's the Kaiser!

 Damn Nova guys!

Yeah guess this one, the owner was like a ninja, I kept missing him!

His GPS was still cycling off so he was just here, I found the smoking gun but he was gone!
It once was a Buffalo fire truck!

This was at my hotel miles away!
A restored Brat at the local Subaru dealership

A Whippet

Time management 

They forgot to bury this rodder!
He is holding out for Part 4 from Rhinebeck!

Sometimes the opinion is not a bad one!
CARHUNTER has a great respect and desire when it comes to Packard's and add the new connection to the Smoky Mountains and we have a winner!  
 Smoky Mountain Tours!
 Very different custom built Packard Tour buses

 They were based mostly at the Biltmore Hotel in Ashville NC built in 1895 by the Vanderbilt's as an estate.
 Keep an eye out above the windshields as they all had names

 Packard's as tour buses with open roofs, very cool!
 6 Wheeled Packard!

At some point the buses have a Gray Line logo too!
 Of course someone found one!

 It heads overseas to join one of the Futurliners as modified for promotional use by GM!
Some people have all the luck!
 One more oddity while we are here, sometimes thought of as custom built in 1937 Packard produced 4 factory 115C Service Trucks!



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