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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


You Got to love the old school sleds!

This section over the weekend lured so many old style rods often not seen anymore  
It is hard to believe this car is 100+ years old! 
Ford powered, brass intact and stock roof height, I challenge you to find another like this?

Almost another one, but a little more up to date

Different with Pontiac Power

That's a HOT ROD!

I think it misses it's fenders!

I have to say I have never seen such a variety of cars at any other show!


Milner? Milner? Milner? Bueller? Bueller? 


Ok that is contact paper!

It's the Mailman Special!

It's America, AGAIN!


Hey how did that muscle car get in here!

It was a lot of walking the cars moved all day to different spot taxing the CARHUNTER's brain and feet so better photos of this one show up eventually I think!

It's a Camaro, really!

1964 1/2 Mustang?
Mustang and a half!

Yeah a MOPAR powered MOPAR!

A Maxwell shows up for sale on craigslist this week.
 Maxwell Motor cars founded in 1904 and built in Tarrytown N.Y.
as Maxwell-Briscoe.
Then fell under The United States Motor Company with other long gone marques moved around to Indiana, Ohio and eventually Michigan.
Buick, Brush, Stoddard-Dayton, Grabowsky, Courier, Columbia, Alden-Sampson trucks, Gray Marine, Providence and Thomas vehicles were part of this group!
The company slowly was failing and a man named Walter P. Chrysler stepped in and the Maxwell cars evolved into the first Plymouth's
Back to the point of this, a long running gag was that Jack Benny was so cheap he was still coaxing his 30-40 year old Maxwell down the road- we never knew what year because many different promo shots were staged with different year Maxwell's as the co-star!  
Very funny bit as Benny and his right hand man Rochester stop for gas!
The attendant is none other than Mel Blanc the voice of Bugs Bunny, etc....
He also was the voice of the car
Now the real kicker Rochester who was Eddie Anderson a Hollywood star who was the first African American Actor with a regular role on radio then came along with Jack Benny as his Valet on the TV show. He continued with appearances in movies and TV and was very busy doing voice overs in animated films. He was an avid horse racing fan and owned race horses!
 His signature voice came from shattered vocal cords he earned as a youth trying to be the loudest newspaper huckster on the street! "Rochester" played a very stereotypical role as an African American Valet/Butler, but Benny would move to eliminate all the jokes aimed at that moniker and Anderson became one of the highest paid performers and quite wealthy. He was very instrumental in racial relations being the "Mayor of Central Ave" and even presented the idea of African American pilots via the Tuskegee Institute. Anderson became a very popular figure and although people thought he actually was Benny's valet, in fact Benny and Anderson were close friends!
Wait this is CARHUNTER right?
Anderson embraced the Hollywood stardom so much that he had a special custom built race car built for him by Indy Car builder Emil Diedt in 1950 to compete in Sports Car Club of America races (SCCA) powered by a 331 Cadillac V8.
Jack Benny may have had a jalopy, but Rochester drove this sleek racer!      

The car has been restored by Steve Moal


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