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Monday, February 20, 2017


Just note that this blog was published early as CARHUNTER prepares for the Detroit Autorama/Great 8 coverage and hopefully picks the winner again!
Stand by later this week for updates!
Not to insult Albany New York, but I spent a month there Saturday! That is an old joke, work related had to spend the all day into the night there, so what does the CARHUNTER do all within a small area? Find old cars of course!
A great place revisited is the New York State Museum, FREE and on weekends free parking everywhere!
A NY State built Franklin Roadster showing life on the road

 Before GMC there was General Motors Truck Corporation and they built a Taxi

 A NY State built Pierce Arrow

 Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt's Packard 
 The car became part of the NY State Fleet and remains owned by the State to this day. 

 One of the nicest vintage Fire Truck collections also is housed here!

 There is a very moving 911 tribute which I will just skim here

The Museum also has an extensive library and archives available so I searched the online catalogue and they pulled some books out for me to read, long out of print this one was a very informative history of the post war Packard.   
Contrary to what I though Packard purchased Studebaker
 Not even in alphabetical order was it Studebaker-Packard Corp. dismissing  that thought!

 What I learned was that they attempted to sell the whole shooting match to Ford, GM and Chrysler which obviously never occurred!
I am still trying not to let the flood gates open on Glenn Curtiss yet, but along with the Wright Brothers and (another Glenn) Glenn L. Martin formed Curtiss-Wright Aircrafts mostly which wound up in some control of Studebaker-Packard.
During this time, in fact until 1965 the only place you could purchase a Mercedes Benz in the USA was at a Studebaker-Packard dealership under the Curtiss-Wright Umbrella!  

 Quick fact under a joint connection with Utica Michigan they started to market Mercedes Diesel engines as well to convert trucks in the USA and industrial usage.

 I will bet that you never saw this ad?
 Ed Macauley while employed by Packard built some crazy concept cars like the ever changing Phantoms or "Brown Bomber" as one was nick named

Can you see the side of body change from the one in the first photo?
 They tried hard to revive the classic Packard appeal with the Request which was nothing more a nose job.
 The Packard Predictor show car still exists and is just a wacky concept sitting in the Studebaker museum  
 What if the Studebaker Hawk wore a more Packard nose?
 Not a sleek fiberglass snout! 
 The split personality of the Hawk, note the Studebaker has more of a grille like the "what if" Packard version above
Another interesting file was in the museum archives about the Karam Family who were associated with the Carrm Convertible Body Corporation!
At first I thought a convertible car body, but learned it was actually a body that converts into different configurations - the earliest transformer?
 Their address was listed as 100 Broadway NYC
 The building still exists and is a Neoclassical Landmarked beauty!
The lower open air area is a now a Duane Reade and I have been in it so maybe that was the Carrm factory?  

 The file does contain extensive drawings like this so you could replicate one if so inclined!
I always say you never know what is hidden in state museums and libraries!
On the way to the gas station up there I discovered some interesting road side "gate guards"!

 Yes an Opel Kadett made into a tow truck!
Then I spot a 47 Plymouth who just had it's motor yanked inviting a small block Chevy to reside inside!

 That spotting led to a small little collection of the owner 

 Leading to a very original and solid 1934 Plymouth Deluxe 5 window rumble seat coupe!

 Love the Artillery wheels
 Crank down the rear window to converse with rumble seat passengers!
Note the chalked message-
Gun Metal Light = paint color
PE= 114 wheelbase RS= Rumble Seat 

I did notice a large amount of controlled intersections in Albany, but each one has a clear warning sign that there is a camera in the intersection all in the same position!
Ok I am onboard with this as you want the streets safe and make it easy for us to safely stop!

The point is to make the streets safe and stop us from going through a red light, CORRECT?
Let's face it sometimes it is safer to just to continue through that yellow light as opposed to slamming on your brakes and stopping short to avoid a possible ticket from still being in the intersection.
A prominent warning sign in the same area alerts a driver who is driving in a safe manor early enough instead of fearing that accidental ticket.
Even one of these behemoths is large enough to let me safely stop. 
 Lets be realistic when hiding cameras it now creates a whole new diversion because even the most conscientious driver who is obeying the law fears getting a ticket because you already passed that point of no return and may get a ticket.  
Is that  a camera or a street light?
 Shouldn't my eyes be alert for hazards and the ever present rouge pedestrian who do not follow any laws about obeying the lights and crosswalks?
Was that a bird or camera? The theme here obviously is not to make the road safe and stop us from going through a red light, but hoping to catch us so there is an income.
In NYC they want you to go through the light for income!
Let us be realistic as it happens you may be doing 5 MPH over the limit attention diverted by a bicycle, child crossing or a double parked car while also scanning the horizon for cameras and accidentally get caught in the intersection as the light changes- be clear I am not talking about speeding or just taking a solid red light here.  
Quality of life vs stress?
A surprise on Friday night 10:00 pm 2/14/2017 as I scanned the channels up and then down at that exact moment REV'N TV popped back on just like that after almost 5 months of nothing with no explanation. It is crazy channel 32.5 was not even there!
We will see how long it lasts this time! 
Exactly 3 days to the minute the channel flipped to 1.5 for some odd reason, stand by or not!


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