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Thursday, February 25, 2016


We continue the journey Day 2 part 2 from Murdo South Dakota as a summary because there were many many cars in numerous buildings as seen
One of these tourist sites ripped the Pioneer Auto Show because it was dated and a little rough!
Yes 50+ years of collecting and an enormous collection may be less than polished, but as a serious car collector CARHUNTER could only give this place 5 stars.
A factory Model AA (I believe) Ford factory built camper from Canada!
This sets the stage for a theme of campers as you will see! 

It worries me when novice car folk with a little knowledge give their opinions! 
Pioneer Auto Show is a Diamond in the Rough and that gets a thumbs up every time!
Check out the crazy plaid top on this one!
Plant your tush on one of these tractor seats 
Yes Studebaker started by making wagons as many automakers had! 

Would you say a Samson is a rare truck? Closed cab rarer?
It's Cargo even rarer, a Hovercraft!

Apperson Jack Rabbit 

Go ahead guess the rest of em, I can't tell you everything

That little Black car in the back was a car featured on the blog and shocked to see one!
Check it out above 
Billy Durant who began with a car wearing his name developed with Louis Chevrolet into General Motors.
Below is a beautifully restored Durant

A Lafayette- which is? 
Another name from Nash cars, more on that in a day or so!

Lots of snow and lots of trucks and tractors!

The rare Motorhome theme continues! 

More everything!

A Star which evolved from Durant!

Amphibious car
Very early and very cool Toyota 

More More More, how you like it, how you like it?

Packard US Air Force ambulance 
CARHUNTER wants this one! 1978 Dodge Lil Red Express truck 
Let's jump in the Vista Cruiser
Pinto in a very cool color combo if that is possible?
Chrysler Airflow
Sunbeam Alpine not a Tiger
Mustang II Ghia 
One of those Solar Powered things
Farm stuff, LOL!
Notice Lambrecht Chevrolet on doors- the big 500 car Chevy auction in Nebraska. Yes CARHUNTER attended, of course!

Not a Super 8, but close, maybe a Super 4?

Nice to have your own collector fire house!

Vintage Dentist office well equipped 
An early movie camera 
That train station was very accurate inside, anyone loose luggage in 1927?

When you saw the last sign it was Burma Shave!
The first Radio Shack!

Fiberglass Kaiser Darrin 
Tom Mix's Packard 
A two headed calf 
To drive a two headed car!
Dave is still buying cars!!
Even CARHUNTER gets cut off sometimes
In Hartford South Dakota 1000 old cars in muddy snow and a disappointment 

What I got here was a bunch of mud all over my truck and shoes! 
Much more to come so stay tuned folks!!

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