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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Although I was contacted only a day ago I have tried to cover this event which happens this weekend. The 2016 Salon Retro mobile is not an event unknown to CARHUNTER, just out of reach.
Nearly 500,000 square feet in The Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris of 450 exhibitors, spare parts, 500 classic vehicles and everything automotive! You can join a club, take in the cars or bid at the auction!
 The event is stunning and I do not know of anything to compare to it to that we have in the USA of this magnitude?
 Some very unique and rare vehicles are on display

I was asked to put some info out about the auction which will be a "live" auction featuring some very special cars, short notice, but I hope this helps promote the events!
I wish I could attend and I know many of you have a lack of interest in foreign autos, but it may be worth a quick look into this wonderful event and the unique cars going on the auction block. Just a small sample of cars below, but there is also many other collectible items to check out by clicking on this link below!
Lamborghini Espada
 1952 Ford Comete
 Delahaye 235
 1954 Vega prototype par Facel

 1974 Alpine V6
 1958 Facel Vega FV4
There are several MOPAR powered Facel's, one of my favorite cars!


  1. il est une belle collection de voitures fran├žaises

  2. Beautiful styles car from Europe. Cars had style back then. I'm assuming that before the internet car companies like this relied on their style and art to sell cars by word of mouth.