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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


For many years I had heard about and wanted to visit the New York State Fire Museum 
I just happened to be about 10 minutes away looking at a pickup truck for sale, that could be another blog! At least the trip was not wasted! 
Firemen's Association of the State of New York
in Hudson NY
This part of the complex is the Volunteer Firefighters Home offering healthcare for those who gave of their time to help others 
I thought the museum was very well presented and apparatus was excellent,but it was virtually dark in there. I believe natural light is relied upon, but a snow storm was rolling in as I arrived so photo's were tough! I opted to keep the flash off so they are dingy.

Some very unique rigs in here

I think the "sedan" style rigs are amazing and obviously influenced by that Art Deco era!
Looks like a street rod!

It is amazing how many hand pumps survived 
Th oldest fire apparatus in NY state

A little creepy, this little guy slipped off a rig and was run over by the horses and now displayed for ever! 

Fire Departments used parade rigs lavishly decorated 

What kid would not want to sit in a real rig, I remember dad taking me to the local fire house to sit in the rigs 

These were "hand" man powered early pumpers!
One step past jumpin in is an interactive screen has the short folks responding to a fire! 

FASNY is worth a trip if you are in the Hudson Valley
I still can not get a handle on a giant warehouse filled with one man's vision to build a huge fire museum. He has collected 450? rigs. I spoke to him and asked if I could feature the collection and promote his mission, he said "yes". He refused to respond to me after the initial contact, just another eccentric guy with a losing cause?
 All these firetrucks sitting in a warehouse in NY somewhere!

 Maybe I will get the energy to try again to see them in person?

I see a big auction one day, bye bye!
The little guy is back, cheer up will ya!

Is it a Barn find? Is it Complex Find? Is it a Factory Find?
 Cool although spooky when the giant Bethlehem Steel closed they just left the facility fire trucks in the building!
 They do look bored and seem to be frowning!

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