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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Day 2 Wednesday- the speed limit is 80 MPH!
Those of us who deal with a 50 MPH highway speed limit are making this very clear to the nuts out here- if that is not fast enough for you get a grip! I had the cruise set at about 84 MPH and people were passing me - IF YOU NEED TO GO FASTER THEN YOU WORK TO GET PAST ME- AT THIS SPEED YOU NEED TO BE A LITTLE COURTIOUS  
I get on the highway in the AM and the fog was so thick you could only see about 3 car lengths in front of you and then like a curtain pulled back with a sharp line the fog was gone, not faded away, just gone and the sun was out as I approached Murdo S. Dakota! Don't worry when I left Murdo a few miles out the fog returned again?!?!?
There were about 10 billboards leading up to the exit, even one showing a photo of Mike Wolfe from American Pickers. Mike bought a car from Dave here in one episode!
I got here early and for some reason drove past the place which was not open yet. I stumbled into this stash of vintage South Dakota Iron, CARHUNTER instinct even in the Bad Lands!!

Anything here you need?

The only hotel in town had this thing in front of it!

And now the BIG SHOW!

This "Big Car" lets us know it's the Big Show!
If you want to learn more about this very cool place read at this link, I have to say I was welcomed in like I was a family member and allowed to roam the back 40 even though it was no mans land for the last 3 months of winter!
The car actually exists!

A stash of stuff outside
Just after I took this photo I almost hit the floor on some ice!
Dodge Humpback's are pretty rare

There are a few cars for sale, a semi regular auction too. All these years and things still rotate. 
Dave told me this AMX could be mine with 2 engines, sadly the previous owner lost both legs in a car accident!
Don't ask and I won't tell!
OK already, it is a hot rod manure spreader! No Shitaki, really!

Yes I need this desk!! 

The first indication I am about to see some rare cars!
It's a ROPE drive!  

There was just too much to post every car, also if I hide some stuff you might get out to Murdo and check it out yourself? Soon?

One word says it all and two engines power it!

Of course I lifted the flap, I had to!!

Dog treadmill

A lot of stuff to see here, it is constantly growing and changing too!

Old Pacman game tables 
42 Buildings full of stuff " Fun Like a Circus"
Hey Rose I left a Messerschmitt on the kitchen table, can you clean it up?

May be the only California Built Electric car still around!
Beardsley Electric
Said to be the last one built
Hudson Hornet! Twin H powered
1923 copper cooled Delco engine 

Big Gun- instructors cutaway 
Hey is that  a Dumont?

Classics to Muscle and everything in between 
Newly acquired Chevy cutaway 

George Barris took credit for Marilyn Monroe?
1st look at the store fronts

Building after building of rare marques, names gone for ever

I do not think one car maker was missed here!

All original Superbird with added air conditioning

I am just not finding much info on this crazy Octokar?

Elvis's Harley has NOT left the building

Always wander off the walkway and peak over fences!
Oops, we never got a chance to put the AMC sign up

A complete and real train station transplanted here because their were no tracks any place! 
I went in later so stand by
I had to split day 2 into 2 or 3 blog posts 
Keep following!

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