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Monday, October 20, 2014


I started to bad mouth this place because of it's limited hours, I kept missing it. The car collection looked nice,but nothing exotic. Being way over in Pottsville Pennsylvania not exactly en-route.
 Jerry is a local used car dealer and obviously a car collector so when this run down building once housing an electrical company went up for sale he grabbed it with the idea of storing his cars and collections. Once they started  restoring the building the fact that it was once a Studebaker Dealership was unmasked, perfect the museum idea was born.   

 426 wedge sleeper

  Nice cars, I am sure you noticed much going on around the cars?
 Jerry has spent a lifetime collecting some very cool stuff for future generations to see!
 I will guess Jerry is about 10-20 years older than me, I came into the auto world just as some of this stuff was being phased out 
It's the Beatles!!!!!!!!!

Old signage, crazy long forgotten tools like this manual tire dismount rig.
Bubble wheel balance, long cry from today's laser and road force balance machines
In High School I worked part time in an Exxon station and remember stacking those old oil cans 

If I recall this is a brake rivet tool for relining shoes?

They called these soda fountains manned by a soda jerk

How many remember the mom and pop auto parts stores recreated in the museum   
You can visit this place 100 times and still see different things each time!

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