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Sunday, October 26, 2014


Chrysler at one time had their hands in everything, they made some of the best Air Conditioners and the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green Kentucky was once an A/C plant 
I had to start with this one just on eBay
 I thought this late 60's Barracuda was photo shopped at first, but there are photos in the water
Yes it is a boat!

Chrysler had a line of outboard motors, but had an extensive line of speed boats, sailboats and cabin cruisers as well!
  Charger 118
Another Charger boat

 With a 318 v8 inboard

 360 powered ski boat 

Good Chrysler boat site

My favorite one!

Chrysler Barracuda sail boat

1972 15' Sport Satellite, really!

1969 Chrysler Valiant boat below

Sport Fury below
Many Cabin cruisers also

Very early wood Chrysler boat with a Poly small block

Many different boat makers used Chrysler engines

Flathead 6 like my 51 Plymouth had
Early HEMI

Slant Six Marine power
Twin big blocks

Lets not leave out the outboards

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