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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


 Opened in the mid 1970's when a collection of cars was donated to the Province of new Brunswick
 Started by Melvin Louden as a lifelong passion he restored and collected cars eventually in 1956 opened his museum near the current location, the building still exists
 Previously discussed here at CARHUNTER Malcolm Bricklin chose to build his car right here with government funding  

 only available in 4 colours shown, but I never saw one in this Green?
 This car was driven by a high ranking Gov't official daily
 Notice body panels don't match, the components were made in different locations, not too much paint control back then huh?

 Never a real firetruck, but a tribute replica

 Striped down for racing Stutz Bearcat
 International steam powered tractor

 1928 Willys Knight

 Sharp eyed collectors may recognize this green color as Vagabond Green 
 It became the color of NYPD cars until 1972 
 The black fenders followed through for no apparent reason on the NYPD cars

 Never saw this body style of Detroit Electric
 The driver sat to rear, first usage of the phrase "back seat driver?"

 A 1908 Russell

The museum is within the ground of the Botanical Gardens run by parks and recreation and found it very hard to get clear info online or by phone at first. I got a guided tour which I guess is how they normally do it? 


  1. Nice detail on the NYPD color, and how ironic is the name?

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