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Monday, June 9, 2014


I have been planning a Canada Trip-A-Rama for months and as usual over a period of 11 days some exceptional events and collections will be shown although not in order and giving way to other events and parts of previous blogs series.
 Canadian Automobile Museum in Oshawa certainly presents itself as a national representative of Canadian Automotive history.
The building was once a Chevrolet/Oakland dealership and it was turned into the museum in 1961. My hopes were way up as I entered because it looked vintage. Looking vintage can be good or bad. I have been in a few museums that have been around a long time and sadly they become stagnant and dated, but that does not mean they can not be enjoyed unless a few factors play out. 
Light bulbs, tiny weak and dim light bulbs lined the second floor, second floor you ask? 
The cars are brought up and down on the original freight elevator to the dingiest 2nd floor "basement" I have ever seen, but it is not a storage facility and supposedly a public museum? I have been in storage facilities and private collections and they get a a little free pass because they are not open to the public.
A K-car and Corvair, alrighty then.
 Four cars in the back and could not get close to them and a little shocked the photos even came out it was so dark!
 Outer flanked by a 1911 Carter car and a 1949 Allard Roadster which I really would have liked to see up close. I heard it calling me from back there "CARHUNTER!" So close, but so far 
Great displays huh? they were blocked by=
 1936 Talbot and 1931 Gardner
Plenty of signs warning me not to touch the cars and smile I am on camera, buy some needed lights instead!
 Vauxhall hidden in the darkness 
Austin Healey 
 A sign, but no car??
 Chevrolet snowmobile, could not take any other photos due to darkness
This was first floor with better lighting, but really jammed in.

It is a Kissel, I think on the vintage looking stained sign

Photos a little out of order because I was setting this up from a hotel room.
I wish I could have seen the next one a little better sitting back there. Built from 1972-1981 it is a Panther J72 using a Jaguar V12 and only 1 of 368 made.

1971 Canadian built Manic, I should be seeing another one tomorrow up in Ottawa 

Shocked the photos even came out in total darkness
1956 Austin Princess

See the cars below

McLaughlin Buicks huh? Only in Canada
Read some info on the signs 

1957 Dodge Regent? 
Again would have liked to see the car- it is basically a 57 Plymouth Fury with the Dodge nose

The Rolls Royce collection was impressive and displayed much better.

Look familiar? "Body by Fischer"

I fully understand that the museum is trying to stay afloat with not much assistance. I think some local car enthusiasts/clubs would lend a hand getting the place sorted out a bit, maybe some of the less impressive cars like K car,run of the mill  and Delorean could be sold off to raise funds and clear space in the museum to display the rarer cars better. I think the lighting issues should be priority - if I recall it was only $5 to get in, I think $10 would be realistic and maybe get some funds for proper lighting? Nice collection poor 50 year old execution and presentation. I have to be honest! 

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