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Thursday, June 12, 2014


I decided not to toss out quick blogs from the Canada trip as of today into the 8th of 11 days 
Rather take the time and do them right so stand by.
I think the sands of time ran out in this giant hour glass or at least I think that is what it is from about 10 years ago?
 An antiques shop and antique auto museum in Saint Come-Liniere Quebec- about 1 1/2 hours SE of  Quebec City and if you traveled east of here you would be in the middle of nothing except some really pretty country!
 Victor Belinger's grandson who spoke no english had to call him to come in and he spoke a little english
 Nice Nash
 Run of the mill Fords

 Lots of STUFF around the cars

 WHAT? A pretty rare Rockne made by Studebaker to honor the famous football coach Knute Rockne of  Notre Dame Fighting Irish of Indiana - home of Studebaker

 Ever see a hard tonneau on an old Caddy?
1960 and this was called a hard parade boot - I am guessing this was an aftermarket copy, if not it is rare and who's famous butt sat on it? 
Man they left their packages after the last parade

I am not sure how many visitors the man gets, but at least he can enjoy the collection.
Not one Canada Unique vehicle!
 Rolling down one of the scenic roads in Quebec I spot a ?????????
 Sign was in French although it said nothing,what is it? Not sure yet, no names anywhere.
 Got all day to get to New Brunswick for the night so I divert to a remote little town on the way 
 Saint Laurent Museum in Trois-Pistoles shores of the St. Lawrence River could have been closed as with many Musee's in Canada there seems to be a loss of interest awhile back? He did have a few interesting cars like another Canadian built Manic as per some internet searches
 Some neat stuff behind those old barn walls
 The main number was disconnected and it appears the owner may have passed away maybe 4 years ago?

Hey I wasted an hour got to see some great scenery, they were closed, but left these trucks outside. A car was there,but I think they were hiding - didn't they know the CARHUNTER had arrived?
One day they will say, man he was right here!

Also I encourage comments so feel free to send them in just remember they will be moderated before publishing by myself- I have had to delete some odd ones and sales scams, but nothing crazy!

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