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Monday, June 30, 2014


I think I really have some small obligation to honestly report some places to avoid as much as places you should visit as well 
Dragone Classic Motorcars of  Westport Connecticut is the kind of place that takes my breath away 
 Got a friendly welcome and advise that I needed to visit the  rest of the collection in the back building 
 This is not a building full of run of the mill cars, but perfectly restored examples of some very rare Concours D'Elegance quality cars 

That was the gallery and showroom
I then visited the restoration facility in Bridgeport 

On the way I noticed some French made cars in front of a bistro

I had seen this one before, but they were closed. I made it in this time for my last rather unreceptive visit
 The classic car gallery Southport Conn. reminds me of a puppy mill, the cars roll in and out (they actually sell?), I saw some stuff outside the showroom and got a good feeling what goes on here
 This 5 window Coupe Packard had a price tag of $85,000 if I remember correctly, I think that is twice what they are going for?

 The prices were insane - a VW Thing for $44,000?
I think these run $10,000 to $15,000

 No one was at all excited to have me stop in or find out why, they had no idea the CARHUNTER was in the house! 
 I asked about any restoration facility and got a big no, I wandered around the other side and noticed more cars inside a shop and larger garage.
Sorry I thought you were in business,my error.
Immediately a guy approaches me and I say I was just in the showroom and noticed more cars and the guy with a very stern face says " YOU CAN NOT GO BACK HERE" my opinion is they do not want anyone to see the before cars, unlike Dragone who is proud of their work.
This is the best one yet in Derry New Hampshire 
I pull up and see about half a dozen wrecks in a row and I am thinking next cars ready for restoration?
I walk in and Dusty Old Cars is a an office where you are greeted by a rather large staff, but you are directed to a table and large computer screen, I said I would like to check out the cars and I am informed "they are in a warehouse somewhere and not viewable". I drove a half hour out of my way to get here. I ask "so you do a lot of consignment?" They inform me not much, but not one car is available to see right now. The first cyberspace used car lot, why bother with an address and hours?
It is an online classified basically and probably do not own the cars, just a broker?

I hurried because they close at 6pm,but open 24/7 online!
I received a comment on Dusty Old Cars and although I did not think it was ethical to just post it I did some quick searches and I am just going to say be very careful if you even think of dealing with them. There have been complaints against the business and the owner no matter if you are buying or selling. Buyer beware for sure!
OK so it was earlier in 2017 CARHUNTER called it- Dusty Old Cars was a Dirty Old Scam- the owner arrested and was refusing to give consignment cars back- the authorities told the car owners their cars were now seized and were to be sold at auction or they must pay $700 to release them- one guy had multiple cars there.

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