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Sunday, May 4, 2014


The Rhinebeck NY car show was once a National Street Rod Association NE event and that one has since moved to West Springfield Mass. This is one of the best 2 day shows in the area, Saturday anything goes, street rods etc... Sunday it is all antique and classic stock. I could only attend Saturday this year and just wanted to show the unusual and impressive first.  
Many old skool customs are shown.

I am a big Packard fan and seeing 2 custom/rods was pretty cool.

Just another V8 3 wheel motorcycle
No sir a Flathead Ford instead of a Chevy!
Vintage dual carb set up and Offy heads
A small block Chevy 406 in  Mercedes
Asked a guy why even bother with the Mercedes at that point?
Take one 1941 Ford and a strong influence of a 1937 Packard 
The owner hand formed the grille and hood 
The Bentley emblem up front tossed a lot right past all the hard work of the Packard theme 
Power windows and model ford V8 power made a nice ride

Chevy small blocks,yes 2 of em!

One starter,crank bolted to dampner of second engine and some chain drives 
Shift boot

Refreshing clean sleek custom using an unusual Riviera that already has it's own nice lines  

Gotta love the gold trim
 A Yugo Cabrio, don't pass it up!

 Don't see many of the old kit car bodies for sale anymore
 If I recall this an Avenger GT by Fiberfab
 Did you want your own NASCAR?

 Nicely done Dodge truck and when I asked the guy about the Chevy bed he said "it's a cross dresser"

 Although I just saw this wild custom VW Karmann Ghia in Pigeon Forge I have not talked about it yet and yes it has  Viper V10  

 Just for reference I do not think Volvo built a 200 series 2 door wagon, but this guy did!
 Chevy V8 power too

A Whippet in very nice shape, ready to drive home
 Look at them headlamps
Barn fresh Harley
 This artist builds custom furniture and yes this was a Dodge Magnum

 He does nice work!

 This fella looked so confused using this car as a guide to restore his own 1929 Model A 
 I had to tell him this is a 1980 Ford Shay replica using Ford Pinto driveline and sold through Ford dealers not an original 1929 car!
 Pro Street Willys Jeep
 A ready to complete Nash Metropolitan 
 Note the kid is playing a guitar made from a skateboard
 I am not going to tell you what this is yet!! Yes I spoke to the owner for awhile and will be doing a blog one day about its routes!
 Got to be rare old VW Rolls Royce conversion parts
 Might as well travel in style

 Fantastic 37 Ford Custom
 And I have no info because the guy who obviously has some ability,but could not open this chair and eventually tossed it on the floor - reminded me of  MR Bean, so nice car no info! I was scared to talk to him, he was pretty rattled!

 A Subaru 

 I am not sure this one could actually look cool unless it was returned to stock or customized radically?
 Nice old ford PU with 4wd modern driveline

 Started as a lawn mower I think? 
 Twin Turbo and Supercharged

 Very Rare Packard ambulance

 Claims to have been a personal car of one of the famous Wood Brothers,but why paint it like Donnie Allisons racer?  
 Just towed a trailer to the show


  1. Cool stuff, rat rods leave very little to be desired

  2. I was at Rhinebeck Friday and Sunday, sorry I missed you.

    Joe Angelino

    1. looked for, but will see you next week anyway!