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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We have talked about the early fiberglass bodies produced in the 50's and 60's that were never mass produced. This evolved into many,many companies over the last 40-50 years that came and went often un-noticed. For some crazy reason the most popular kit cars seems to be the AC Cobra replicas. AC Cobra was produced in short runs based on the English AC cars. Carroll Shelby built small quantities of this car 1962-1967 and it is clear many more replicas have been built than the originals. 
So many of these followed as replica kit cars I am often amazed that anyone would want to build another one?
What is a kit car? You could build it at home with supplied pre-made bodies designed to fit existing cars, most popular the old VW Bugs
As Monty Python said

So many odd kit cars and here is one!
 Go ahead tell me you heard of the Laser 49er?
I am going to bring some very unusual kit cars to the blog from time to time

All VW based and it had some stablemates 
Elite Industries had a whole line

 Mini 18
By far the most popular in the Laser series was the Laser 917, yes a different slant on the Porsche 917 race car
 Laser 917 VW,Mazda or V8 engine power choices!

A real 917 Below

Second most popular was based on the popular  Allard race cars 
Above a real one 53-57
Below the kit car replicas

 Allard J2X replicas
I am not sure if these last three ever made it to production?

Of the last 3 this may be the only example of a at least the GT 

 Gotta love this display at a roadster show as seen in Hemmings
A 1:1 model kit complete with upscaled box,testors paint bottles,giant exacto knife and chrome parts still of the trees! Very cool!
 Don't sniff that glue!
 Knowing from actual experience careful around that giant exacto they have a thirst for human blood!
Now that is a kit car!

It's been done!
A few years back GM had a whole display in the 5th Ave NYC building lobby featuring full size model cars and supplies. Way before the internet days and still searching for photos!
If I find em I will add them one day!


  1. Just curious as to what kind of value a Laser 49er has
    Unfinished & finished ??

    1. That is a tough call because it is one of those vehicles someone really has to love and been searching for to get premium price, how many actually were made,how many survived and do you have one?? LOL

  2. what windshield fits a lazer 49r minivan

    1. Did you ever figure out what windsheild fits the 49er? Is it a OEM part or custom? I have 49er i need to get a windsheild for

    2. Sorry maybe someone can assist I would try and get your hands on an assembly manual or someone with the same vehicle. I can't find many resources for it.

    3. Try through here

  3. That is tough question, are there any assembly manuals out there that may give that answer? I did a quick search and there are custom windshield shops, not sure where you are -located nor can I-endorse them,but try Pete's Auto Glass Center in Calif. 800-607-3837 or search for custom windshields in your area! I can only assume they need the vehicle to attempt