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Monday, May 26, 2014


As part of the upcoming Invitational Car show at the Saratoga Auto Museum they offer a tour which I originally planned on doing in a vintage car. The weather forecast for the day was rough, lots of rain and wind so with a 3 day agenda I just decided to go commuter as did most of the other 120 people on the days activities although a few locals brought an old or exotic car.

How it works is that you pay upfront $85 and arrive at the museum for a continental style breakfast and if you want walk through the museum
You are handed a tour booklet with directions, it was a little confusing trying to read the paper and drive, but I had ignored the guide to to reset the trip odometer which would have helped. I had set the addresses in the GPS and I was getting different guidance while I watched the arrival time climb when I followed the paper? I did not want to break away fearing the cars behind me would follow me then be lost? At one point our lead car must have decided to use their GPS and we were now off the paper route, but ran right into the lead cars from the first pack so with no one else right behind me and about 10 mins away I broke away and went with my GPS and beat everyone there!
 It appears a staffer from the museum just wrote out directions, next year if I do one of these I will park outside and not get locked in just go on my own which I did the rest of the day and arrived at each location before the others!
 I thought since they charged maybe a bus would have been better, but it meant going back to the museum and think original idea was for all vintage cars to be on the tour?
 So where are we? Jim Taylor of Taylor Made boat products private secret warehouse car collection!
This is a family NY State based business that has some 200 commercial customers around the world, Canvas and Windshields are some of the trademark  boat related products and not the only ones. 

Federal Tow truck

  If this garage does not leave you breathless you are not car people!

An AC pre Cobra

Our Gulf cars again!

I believe Mr. Taylor likes Jaguars?

Toss in some Aston Martins

Loved the eclectic collection, Jeeps,Volvo,Porsche 
1937 Horch 835
1900-1940 is some way Horch built cars
Horch is a very rare car and most people in this tour group I suspect had no idea? 
August Horch was once associated with the early productions of Karl benz, Paul Daimler later worked as an engineer for Horch. Like many early automakers Horch lost his rights to his own name. Horch cars folded in and out of Auto Union (later to become Audi) and DKW. This group purchased the US car maker Rickenbacker (Eddie Rickenbacker was a famous WWI fighter pilot ace and built his own cars 1920-1927, he actually owned the INDY speedway for awhile) operations to obtain their 8 cylinder engines. Ironic because Rickenbacker denounced he had heritage to Germany despite his name, he had a Swiss heritage. More on him at another time. Later Trabant cars played in the picture. Volkswagen purchased the whole group and reactivated the Audi name in  1964
Purchased by a US ARMY Captain Harold Young from a dealer in Germany about 1952
In 1955 it was traded to  JC Stevens a dealer in Binghamton New York for a year old Buick and thinking he got a raw deal Stevens stored the car in a Cortland NY  barn where it sat until Mr. Stevens death in 2006  
A NAZI automatic pistol was found under the rear seat and although no history prior to 1952 is available a reasonable assumption is this car was driven by a high ranking NAZI soldier! 
With 36,000 miles it has been made road worthy, but will not be restored
Peace Baby!

Without any signage and too many people there to get some answers I had to leave it up to research again not sure if anyone noticed a whole circus caravan back here? 
An Organ on a Firetruck

Those letters spell Taylor

I have to assume these relics were from the old F.J. Taylor great american circus?
No connection to Jim Taylor other than the same name? 

MG- Austin Healey
Ever think about the Dinosaur on the Sinclair oil signs? 
Oil was from fossil remains of what??
Remember this Dinosaur TV family, their name was the Sinclairs!

Turbo Corvair Monza Spyder
I do not remember ever seeing a restored Corvair Wagon 

Alfa Romeo kind of passed by also
Fell in love with it and I fully understand the privilege of having access to this collection I had my work cut out for me to ID some of these beautiful cars no info plaques! It is not a museum, but Mr. Taylor's toy box.  
The best I can tell this is a Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Pinin Farina Cabriolet - 1947?
I got some great shots because I think it was not the center of attention,but it recieved my full attention for sure
A car like this would be valued at $500,000 easily!
These were Willys sports cars A Jeepster 2wd, my old boss at my first Jeep dealer owned 2 and he let drive em.

Intact Gospel traveling road show homemade camper 
Gospel is not my forte I tried to get some info, although there is an Aldridge Gospel Duo now I am not sure if related and I think you get the idea?

How rare is this pop top Chevy Van Camper?
Does you like Shelby's?

Boss 429

Boss 302
Who's the Boss? Jim  Taylor is the boss!

Twin Maserati's with different mothers? An old joke. 

Crazy Allard racer

Another Allard!

Jaguar D Type racer

Do you have a Woody, stand by for part 3 I know someone who has a bunch of em!
Oh my god the 1955 Lincoln futura show car!!!!!!! 
It is a design model of the famous concept show car which is now Batmobile #1 which sold for 4.5 million last year! 
I believe retro123 produced this for a short time about $2400 each
Thank you Jim Taylor for the hospitality, coffee,doughnuts and sharing your collection with us!

Next stop lunch at a nice local lakeside bar/restaurant included and very nice buffet style
Part 3 on the way.

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