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Monday, May 19, 2014


You can fantasize about the early days of aviation and barnstormers and I am sure in its heyday this place was lots of fun. 

For many years attempted a visit, but when I learned of a vintage vehicle collection and being in the area it was time for the CARHUNTER to check it out.
 Pay my $10 and wallop through the mud and I see this and can only assume from the dirt on the cars sitting on a dirt floor this is how they spent the winter with maybe a tarp?
 1920 Buick
 1919 Ford Speedster
 Baker Electric 1911?
 Plop around the mud and see a bunch of rickety old hangers 

 A few more across the runway (grass)

 So a few more stuffed in old Trucks, Cars and Motorcycles

A little disappointed I ask the very young cashier is that all the cars, she says "yes, wait I think there are more? You went to museum right?" I say no and she directs me across the road behind the parking lot!
 As I get to the top of the steep hill I see this!

 Sorry for the blurry shots, but was still recovering from the hill climb and the cars were pretty much jammed under and behind airplanes!

 There were a few restored or once restored cars around, but most were just wasting away

 A wood bodied boattail Rolls Royce!
 Could be a 1931? Silver Ghost Boattail Skiff?

 1922 METZ

 1908 Brush

 This next one is killing me it is a very early 1915? Brewster Town Car - before the heart shaped grille shells and before the Rolls Royce,Packard,Buick bodied Brewsters.
 Built right here in Long Island City NY

 Early "intercom" to give the chauffeur orders?

 This car needs to be liberated and restored! 
 Go to the Brewster Society website to see more info and a tour of the building before it was renovated
At the base of the 59th Street,oops Queensboro,oops Ed Koch Bridge (make up your mind)
is jetBlue's new HQ and this was once the Brewster Car Plant! Car went out of production in 1937,but the building still stands!
 Franklin aircooled engines another NY Car builder

 1912 Hupmobile
It appears that they might pull it all out for the airshows so I need to revisit eventually!

As I headed West to cross the Hudson again I pass Rhinebeck Ford and noticed some vintage cars in the front line!
 396 4spd
 66 Lincoln with custom power sunroof
 409 4spd
There was a Mercury Cyclone off site and they just sold a Hemi 69 Roadrunner!

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