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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Tooling along on the Interstate CARHUNTER RADAR kicks in and spot a field of muscle cars on the other side - fly to the next exit and turn around get off the exit ramp and its all cornfields and narrow dirt roads. 
All you see is a cloud of dust while I am trying to find this field full of cars!

I was so flustered that I never noticed the radio tower as the locator and by the time I found the place the owner left and they were closed!  
Like I said CORN!

CARHUNTER tip is get off the main roads and explore!!
Another crazy U turn because I spotted these!

Holy cow you never know what you may find!

Another brake slam, my first invisible building complete with a loading dock!!
I think he likes Oldsmobile's?

Do not ask where this was I have no idea!
The Hamburger joint has a Chicken Caddy! 
 This was scary and even scarier at night!
Perfect for those with tire obsessions!!
You know who you are!
What the?

 The tire is closed on Sundays!
 Oh you saw it coming, the giant nail!

 Where did it come from, the 1964 World's Fair of course! 
Lots of big stuff was at the fair!
 I may have had this toy?
The tire is in Allen Park Michigan because was the home of a Uniroyal sales office which started as US Royal tire. Now under Michelin tire. It was reassembled at it's current location near Detroit on the outer edge of the industrial park, remains here because who would pay to move it?
Here They Come!
 I got Roy and Al, but Uni??? What the heck is a Uni?
 They were real stunt drivers and had real names as above!
 The Pontiac Ventura was the "company" car!

 Offspring or copycats?
Finally great uses for old tires!

Come on he was on Route 66 originally!

How many of these have you seen?

 Remember the tire ashtrays?
We all know this guy, cousin of the Pillsbury dough boy! 
 Sorry even this guy is tired (pun intended) of all this tire talk.
Ironic huh? All those tires and he gets a flat with no spare!
Haul your butt over here unload for awhile!
Now talk about custom bodies on a 1934 Packard frame, we present a more than likely one off ambulance! 

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