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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The Dayton Concours D'Elegance is one of those shows that incorporates more of a common car show amongst the high end hoity-toity stuff!
A big plus here is the venue takes place in a restoration style park grounds with museums
This was a big year for Aston Martin's 
100th Anniversary of Aston Martin moved the marque to feature status at many shows!
 The Iconic Aston Martin is 007's DB5
Shaken and stirred! Why not destroy a 2.5 million dollar car in a James Bond movie?
Just over 1000 DB5's were ever built
 Part of the scene used a stand in stunt double, look carefully because this is apparently a disposable  real Porsche 928! Careful computer digital massaging hid that trick!
 Layer by layer 3d printed replicas in 1/3 scale were ready for their close ups!

 When I saw the movie Skyfall I immediately said no way to them blowing up a DB5! 

Perfect timing a Farm Find!
Read the entire story here

Stylish Oldsmobile

So many I know foster no appreciation for the early classics, why not?

Wood wheels
Rumble seats and golf club storage open for inspection

The Packard Goddess of Speed often called a doughnut pusher 

The Jeff Lane collection, my favorite diversion in Nashville!

Chrysler's failed Airflow

Called a Twin Six - was actually a V12 of sorts

This was a sports car! Front wheel drive supercharged Cord with the nick name coffin nose!

Here is the great part of this D'Elegance, the regular guy look for the rest of us too!


Chauffer Driven Model T Ford! 
1910 Hupmobile

Take note this is a Marmon and follow this blog for a more common Marmon 

Yeah I know some of you (by NAME) that just don't like Ferrari's 

This row had to impress anyone!

Ok you feel better now?
A plethora of C2 Corvettes as far as the eyes can see!

And then some!

Many did not realize Packard never had a V8 until the mid-50's, it was all Straight 8 before this!

You were styling in a Caddy back in the day

Or a Buick

You were kicking "you know what" in this open air Dodge
Cross flagged 500 meant you had a NASCAR spec engine kicking it and taking names! 

I would venture to say many did not realize that the 1st Vettes had 6 cylinders? A European influence 

A more common Marmon! 

All the way over there was a great vintage motorcycle display 

A Dayton Motorcycle in Dayton!


Stand by for part 2 from Dayton!
I stumbled into these crazy hand (?) carved balsa wood model car kits from Berkeley
1933-1962  a full time business.
 Sorry Bill Berkeley was actually Bill Effinger who started to manufacture balsa wood airplane kits, rubber band powered and later gas engine powered.
 The plane above is probably most common to any memory of a wood plane kit and Bill started this meager company in his parents 3 car garage on Berkeley Place in Brooklyn while earning an aeronautics degree at Brooklyn Poly Tech
 The planes advanced to more detail, but you received a box of wood and blueprints - find a kid today who can master that build?

Why not add boats too!

 The one that really grabbed me was the car kits 1/2" scale  about 1/24 scale and they choose concept cars!

The Packard seems a little confused as it was the Pan American which was eventually the Panther which evolved into the Caribbean production car 
 You got a block of balsa wood, some plastic parts and vacuum formed clear ones too with some best wishes!

 I am guessing some very focused model builder could sand this into a master piece!
Give a kid one of these today and they probably will cry! 

 Keyword = SANDPAPER
 The company moved operations to Railroad Ave in West Hempstead Long Island
 Why go with the common cars, Bill went with exotics!

To be fair the Pinewood derby cars still exist today and kind of have this spirit still alive!
Its a Boy Scout merit badge I think?

 Still hope for youth of today?


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  1. I remember working on those old balsa wood models as a a kid. My Dad bought a few high dollar ones in Japan and we spent many a night building them together. I still have one, waiting for me to get time to start it. When did life get so damned busy?