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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Coverage of the Dayton Concours continues with a special race Packard from the Dayton Packard Museum and they sent me right over there after the show!

This is the most interesting Triumph I have ever seen!

As a rumble seat it gains a windshield that was the deck lid!

An amazing all original running and driving Buick!


It smelt old

What a great venue!
 Some cars from Ohio days of old!

Remember Maxwell became Plymouth? Built at one point right in Dayton.

A street rodded Graham Shark Nose 

Often called the ugliest car ever, the 61 Plymouth looks beautiful today!

Yes V10 Viper powered!

Get it? Wall Street Rod- check your stock on it!

Could it be more original?

Ooh Ooh a concept car! Nope the Studebaker Gardner Special custom roadster! 


Ok this is different!

K car not K cup

Transportation exhibit

No the canal was not here, but the locks are now! 
What a great show!

A reproduction of the Wright Brothers Cycle shop ends our coverage
CARHUNTER being the MOPAR lover found this story fascinating to say the least!
Unsure if she purchased it new or not an Ethel Miller while getting the 1928 serviced at a Plymouth dealership is told the main office just conformed the car was the first Plymouth ever built, the vin # was odd!  
 Ethel read of Chrysler ready to build the 1 Millionth Plymouth in 1934 and sends Walter P. Chrysler a wire asking to reserve the car for her! Mr. Chrysler invites Ethel to the 1933 World's Fair where they will display the 1 millionth Plymouth he promised her. She decides to drive the 1928 Plymouth cross country to get her new car!
 Walter P. taking the 34 Plymouth off the assembly line, wow in 6 years they sold that many cars!
 That's Barney Oldfield race car driver with Ethel and the Plymouth Pair!
Mr. Oldfield drove the famous 1917 Golden Submarine racer
 You guessed it, but only a few years later the 2 Millionth Plymouth is rolling off the line and Ethel once again drove cross country to swap the 1,000,000 car for the 2,000,000 car in 1937! Only a small ceremony happened this time!!
All 3= #1 1,000,000 and 2,000,000!
Just 2 model years later in 1939 the 3 Millionth Plymouth rolled off the assembly line with no fanfare? Ethel had shown interest in the 3 Millionth car, but Walter P. was retired and actually passed in 1940, Chrysler actually kind of snubbed Ethel!
I have never found a photo of the 3 Millionth car!
1941 The 4 millionth Plymouth was built
 Just under 30 years later the 10 Millionth Plymouth!
 Say hello and goodbye to the last Plymouth ever built!
RIP 1928-2001
Read the comprehensive story by Jim Benjaminson of the Plymouth owners club
An inline 12 Cylinder Duesenberg Engine
OK OK it was in a boat, but notice 2 of them in there!
 You did not see this one coming did you? 1958 Custom by John D'agostino!
 Take note there was no 2 seat nor convertible Packard in 1958
This concept was penned, but Packard was on it's way out when this was submitted.
That custom above started as a 2 Door hardtop like this!


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