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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


It is one of those places a little hard to explain, junkyard that does not sell parts, but rows and rows if you are brave enough to keep venturing into the back 40 of often un-restorable vintage iron!
This MOPAR needed a full restoration, but was being massaged to possibly sell as a running car! 
Yes an early MOPAR HEMI in some kind of chassis

Someone likes Packard's 
Henney USAF ambulances!

An old Jeepster

I got very interested in this Cuda and got it on their lift to find a floor from another car sort of dropped down and silicone used to seal the seams!
I even drove it, passed on it!

Another Packard!
There is a front line of cars for sale

Most of this body was custom built, I sort of was interested, but in the end the car would have limited interest?
You sometimes feel in some way this car should be saved in memory of the late owner that built it, it was the owners friend. 

Can you imagine how many hours of work and planning went into it?

Cars worth restoring?

Fire Truck looking over a Fire Bird

Project cars

Yeah gone

It keeps going!

Almost a Lincoln!
Bradley GT kit car body- now we just need a VW
Now we are in the good section, lawn ornaments 

50's Cab, 80's chassis?

I LUV this truck
There's the VW we need for the Bradley

Very popular at one time, cut up a Caddy and lets hit the open road!

 Many a Rat Rod could be born in this place!

Chevys over here! 

Perfect for my retro car hauler project, it will still be there when I start the project!

The car cover makes me laugh!

Super Bee


Kinda rust free starter kit
Found that pre-chopped cab for you


Did you notice how many Jeepsters are here yet?

Maybe you never saw an early Datsun sports car?
Mandatory school bus full O' wheels 

Now on the main stage= ENGINES! They rock!

I like this one!

That lift is where I checked out the CUDA
Oh yes this is a nice Lincoln

 Passed on this one, but Classic Cars of SC is a just a great place to wander the rows of old cars!

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