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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Something different right in the backyard!
The Museum of American Armor!
This collection consists of privately owned vehicles, some originally at the Air power Museum and seemed to have been evicted. A deal with Nassau County, Old Bethpage Village and most import financial backing from Lawrence Kadish brought this great museum to reality!

Betty Looks very happy about the venture! 
Unlike many military museums this collection is not mothballed and has a real motor pool with full time mechanics, yes the vehicles run and drive as you will see at the end of the blog! 


MOPAR always well represented in battle!
This transporter is just crazy!

Reminds me of the TV show M*A*S*H

More Dodge Vehicles!

Oh yes they got some parts back here!

Jeeps like this were often used to guide aircraft at bases, I would follow her anyplace!  

I like the diversity of the collection including fire apparatus 

Now you got the CARHUNTER's attention staff cars as well!
A LaSalle  


1940 Plymouth 
 CARHUNTER recently was looking into staff cars so this was a very timely visit!
 A little research tells us all chrome trim should be removed!
Also paint should be matte finish so remember that when you build your replica staff car!

Eisenhower's famous Packard and female driver!
True or false?
               click the link she existed!

 We all played Army when we were kids and yes war is ugly, but the Museum makes a very strong statement about honoring the Veterans that protected us and those that gave their lives for our freedom!
My late uncle was a highly decorated soldier during the Normandy Invasion so there is always a large place in my heart whenever WWII is represented!
You can re-live a battle experience here at the museum and they also have many other reenactments going back to Roman Era played out in the Historic Grounds of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration!
Check the videos out!
Nice day out for a little history lesson and bring the kids!
Now it is time for the soapbox again!
We have this great Military vehicle museum so as mentioned before, why is there no Automobile Museum In NYC/Long Island?
There was one in Southampton and I actually just drove past it this week. An afterthought hit me I should have snuck in the thick brush just to snap my own photo or maybe not!  
What a shame, don't worry it was emptied out!
I just don't understand why we do not have a car museum here?
Enjoy an old film of the museum! 
Sad, but fascinating and if you like a great little story click on this link!
Keep an open mind and check out your local museums!  


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  1. It's easier to give a cat a bath than to get me to go east for anything, but I'll go see this.