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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The AACA museum always amazes me they sneak in at night and rotate cars from the warehouse and set up exhibits that can not even say are short term! The exhibits last long enough to get there not like other museums.
Italian Motorcycles

Although we are covering the short term exhibit there is always time for some of favorite regular residents - like this amazing Packard
A Fiat Topolino from the new exhibit is dwarfed by it's stable mate! 

Speaking of permanent fixtures this 1935 White "car" has more than you would think going for it!
Yes White and White/Freightliner right into Volvo Truck merger today are fixtures of the "over the road" Truck world, their beginnings were actually a sewing machine company that started to build steam powered cars with the last cars built in 1913! Did I mention this was a 1935? How in the world did Dr. Louisa Tingley a noted Boston Ophthalmologist wind up with the only one of it's kind White sedan? The Doctor used up her previous White sedan and since she was one of the board members insisted White build her another sedan!
Still you may ask how? Some very famous vehicles which have been restored and are still in service are the Yellowstone Tourist Buses, in fact 7 National Parks put them in service and I just learned Gettysburg National Battlefield has 2 to this day. These 1930's 706 model buses numbered 500 in production! Again how? White took a 706 bus 3/4 ton chassis and cut down a Bender bus body to create this behemoth sedan! You thought a Ford Excursion was big didn't you? The good Doctor used this "car" until 1952 and the vehicle remains all original unrestored with it's original paint!
Some White Buses for comparison 

  Ok Ok back to exhibits cars!
Yes of Vespa Scooter builders


Carrozzeria Francis Lombardi a WWI ace pilot is responsible for this modified Fiat 850 (AN EXAMPLE IS BELOW) drivetrain moving the engine out back!

Could not get any more Italian then an Italia!

A British car in an Italian car exhibit?
It is a Triumph Italia- go figure!

 SIATA 1948-1975 almost slipped past many


 Never miss the chance to wonder through the largest collection of Tucker memorabilia
Often labeled as a Helicopter engine, it actually is an air cooled Franklin modified by Tucker and also water cooled- Yes was to be in the Bell 47 Copters, but Tucker purchased the Air-cooled engine company and cancelled the contract for the helicopter usage.  

A Sears sold Allstate scooter
Lucky Teter, that MOPAR stunt driver! 
Speaking of Mopars, for the 1st time another short term exhibit at the same time featured Midsize Muscle- Yes as we know them B bodies! 




Super Bee

Super Bee

They move them around sometimes they go back to the storage building and others show up, always something new to see at the AACA museum!

You all come back real soon now, ya hear? 

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