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Friday, March 25, 2016


Yes I have been here before and was reminded when talking to two guys in the Model T museum that I was close to the Packard Museum in Dayton Ohio!
This was a Packard dealership and pretty much unchanged inside and out
I just think the Packard is the most regal car ever made, just ask the man that owns one!

You feel like it's the 1930's and the cars are ready to take home

Hey I just said that!

Many Packards have very limited bodies, maybe 4-5  of each made

This area was I believe still showroom and the parts department is here

Everything is still here, did you know Packard was gone in the late 50's?

A Packard racer

NOS fender - in stock!
The artifacts from the history are very impressive
Design model and drawings

Yes a Packard truck
Packard was purchased by Studebaker and they lost their identities as seen here a Packard Hawk was really a Studebaker Hawk, but used a fiberglass front cap! 
I want one more so because this was the swan song as 1958 was the last Studebakers  

Look sliek General Mcarthur just arrived- ten hut!  
Mexico racer
Packard jet engine

Packard Boat Power

The famous V12 aircraft engines were built by Packard 

PT Boats were powered by the Packard engine=2 to be exact

There's the General!

Yes the car is powering the boat

The library has an enormous collection of vintage auto literature  

Many a Packard was a Hearse 

Early brass era Packards

So many Packard themed items in those display cases
Note grille shape on serving tray, a Packard trademark 

Think the paint is still good?
Been to Lowes lately for some Valspar spray paint, they have been around a long time!

Most of these never made it to production 
If you like Packard's check out some previous Packard Blogs
I'll take one!! 
I never get tired of stopping in here 
Catch up with all six days, but the next blog is the last one in the series as I made it home!  

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