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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Let us continue with the Wisconsin Auto Museum visit and I remind you their are previous blogs on this six day trip  

The midwest certainly has a thing for campers, I am prepping that for an upcoming visit!

One of Mr. Frazer's cars as mentioned in the last blog

Hey early SUV concept?

This truck was a one of the special promo trucks built for General electric to showcase some of those new fangled appliances! 

I really got a kick out of an air cleaner filter tester!
If it looks dirty replace it! I bet a new filter was about $1.25 back then too!

Lost technology test equipment!

Workers started to position tables in front of the cars for a night event, thanks!!

The guy said there was a locomotive out back and he was right!!
More Campers!
Be patient!

I was surprised how few AMC cars were here based on the Factory being in the state? 

Well it used to be a factory, they need come up with a better floor plan to avoid the poles

I like this Rambler!

This Rambler looks like a mini truck!

It also serves as a race car hall of fame!

Best looking AMC Gremlin ever!

Trademark door handle cleverly put back on, but isn't extra weight not needed on a race car?
Talk about low center of gravity for an engine!
A cut-away famous 9" Ford rear end!

Reading from the wall of Kissel was special especially when you see the personal notes of Mr. Kissel!

Only 23 of these companies survived!

The Kissel Collection was fantastic certainly when you realize only about 150 survived!

Auto designer built these ultra detailed wood models! 

Stay tuned as I continue the six day trek!

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