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Thursday, March 10, 2016


YES I finally made it to the RV and Motorhome hall of fame!! 
Go ahead and laugh, but hold your giggles until you see the photos!
A Travco, at least this one has a Dodge hidden under it, a 413 powered I am guessing?

I am not sure why Elkhart Indiana is world headquarters for trailers, RV's, Motorhome and conversion vehicles, but it is!
This detailed model diorama was a very realistic view of the motor home assembly line! 

Shasta released this heritage trailer 

One thing my head can verify is the door is lower because I slammed my head while looking down at the steps on this vintage one getting out! 

If you have never seen inside one of these travel trailers take a look!

Nicer than most houses and compare it to a 100+ year old travel trailer

Everyone knows an Airstream
This Tennessee Traveler Housecar looked ready to hit the road

So by now you are thinking "big deal some trailers"

Early merger of a pickup and chassis cab, note bed over the drivers head

GMC actually produced these Front Wheel Drive Oldsmobile big block motor homes

I really like these odd ones and I ran the photos kind of in reverse so you will see the front views last

This one was built for Mae West, the actress!

Chauffeur driven of course!

Mae West was curvy so how did she fit in that little compartment? 

It's a Wiedman, you knew that right?

The driver's seat was optional and this one is from the office I guess?

Many a Caddy gave it up for this one of two built that fit in your garage!

Piece Arrow 

The museum still enlists this vintage Studebaker for trailer towing duty!

This may be the most recognizable motor home, a Winnebago 

With much manufacturer's support the museum has a sort of constant trade show display in one area!
I had to break day 4 into 3 parts, headed to an evening show, of course I found some diversions on the way!   
Including drive through chinese food?!?!
Is this is a Mobile Home?

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