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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Since there was no "guessing" other than Tony I am just going to feature an unusual car on a semi regular basis. 
This one started when I bumped into the car for sale in Florida, armed with very little knowledge about what it was I started to research it back in the hotel that night.
Nick named the California Sport Special, built on a 40's Ford chassis with a modified flathead V8, assembled in the mid 50's?
This flyer called it a Californian. The story is 2 cars assembled and one additional body made. After months I found info to back that up and photos. it's also been called a mysterion roadster, why?
No one has been able to positively ID who made the bodies except from stories that it was in the Pasadena California area and maybe 5 where made?
Plastic Age Company was mentioned
 The #2 car turns up in race trim. 
The #3 car or would have been body also is now found!
Even crazier the crate!
What's in the crate?
The body was shipped to Montana as it followed it's owner for a few years. Although once a one piece assembly the guy cut the nose off thinking it would be an easier serviceable car with a flip nose. I think it just fit in a crate better, LOL!
  I can't shake images of various Daimler SP-250 when I see this car? 
Contrary to what you think the Daimler's were British not German with tiny 4L V8 HEMI'S!
Back to the mystery car!
To this day no one has verified who actually made the bodies although ATLAS or ALLIED were suspected?
There were many fiberglass companies who would have molded a body, we know it was not a one off hand made with at least 3 made, but who molded them, who designed them and are 2 more floating around?
There's no magic in Fiber-glass? 
I really was considering buying the car, but I was unsure if it's value was worth it with no verified history?
Check the Corvette Blog of 2/15/14 for an update on the sinkhole at the museum

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