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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Desoto Kansas VIDEO LINK=
Original 1918 Ford dealer!
Watch that video listen to a wise man's words.
People often ask why I want to retire very early, won't I be bored?
My CARHUNTING  is just practice for how I am going to keep busy for many many years.
Mercer Replica hand Built by Mr. Weller

His goal is to complete one car every year!

 Draws out some plans and goes for it!

Got to keep records, on the wall!!

2007-2010 is when he was brought into the spotlight and well into his 80's then.
That would make him 88 today based on a report of a big birthday bash on Sept. 28 2013.
With all those pending projects I think Mr. Weller will be busy for at least another 25 years. best I can tell Mr. and Mrs. Weller are enjoying themselves in Desoto Kansas- GOOD FOR THEM! 

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