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Monday, February 3, 2014


We all dream of finding a HEMI car in the barn long forgotten and ready to be hauled away, yeah unlikely!
You want old barns you got em!!

I found you old barns, happy?
Most cars left around old barns are usually of no value or pretty bad, long gone.
I will let the other sites like barn finds report on those.
Some interesting and strange finds.

So far unexplained somewhere in Ohio, a long vacant Chrysler dealer, but cars still in the showroom?

A long gone American Motors dealer in North Carolina, looks like the customers forgot to pick up their cars from the service department.

This one slipped by, a Chevrolet dealer lost in time after closing in 2007.
Parts department fully stocked and a 1978  Corvette Indy pace car with 44 miles on it never delivered included in the deal for the new owner! 

Welcome to Shaniko Oregon a certified ghost town! Looks like the town slipped away in the late 40's, but along the way some parts of the town were restored and I guess someone thought big tourist attraction and it did not happen. To this day the Livery Barn is a lost in time antique auto museum with everything still in place, crazy!

Zil was the Russian luxury car builder and built the Soviet Leaders cars, the plant is a ghost town itself with partially completed cars and you can see the sheet metal forming machines!

A French barn full of almost forgotten race cars?

This was one of the biggest scams on the internet, fake story a guy from NY buys a property in Portugal and just ignored that big barn. After moving in decides to "break into" the mystery building and finds almost 200 cars and billed as the barn find of the century! The scam was unearthed, the original owner alive and well was a car dealer and just saved a bunch of cars he liked, simple!

Australian Muscle cars barn! Cloudy info, but I think it is a museum now?

Abandoned Retro Car museum in Japan.

Sound familiar? A Fiat dealer in Denmark had little interest in selling the trade ins or last years models so the dealership is filled with vehicles and parts and sat for years!

In a Chicago Suburb in the showroom of an abandoned Chrysler dealer for some reason a maybe new Convertible sits and waits for?
In Ontario Canada BMW dealer closes in 1988, but cars in the showroom and the phone number still rings in the showroom!

Famagusta Toyota on an Island of  Cypress - Varosha in about 1974 came under attack from Turkish troops and since then a once popular thriving tourist beachside town has been frozen in time surrounded by a fence- really! Those are brand new cars! The entire island is frozen in time and empty!
150 Brand new 1997 Dodge Neons found in Singapore and for sale at $1350.00 each. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around  does anyone buy a Neon?

The building was the swanky (?) factory showroom for the Checker Motor Car company in Kalamazoo Michigan and is reported to be under the control of a former Checker Employee. A few years back quite a few prototype and unusual Checkers popped up for sale assumed to been in the hands of an "insider". It is nice to see the Checkers lingering here!
forgotten peugeots in old factory
I could not find any photos so check the video out. Looks like the the Peugeot folks just went home. Factory race cars, prototypes, test mules,museum cars and even a popemobile like vehicle just left behind!  
Naples Italy these cars were pulled for restoration.
Pulled from?
An ancient mining tunnel once used by the Police for storage of?

Pretty Creepy down here,huh?

 Vintage Alfa Romeos found under  Belgium Castle.
 I was one of the people that traveled to this giant field of dreams.
That separate row up front was the "new" cars 

 All brand new trucks below

The most famous of all stashes Lambrecht Chevrolet in Pierce Nebraska 500+ cars including many with under 10 miles never sold!
This is one of the most popular blogs, but please take the time to search the blog over the last year 200+ blogs to enjoy! 


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  1. Nutz. What goes through people's minds or maybe a financial struggle to just abandon new car somewhere like that. You'd figure that human nature of monetary gain would make them liquidate any possible assets. Would love to know some of the stories behind these finds.