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Monday, October 14, 2013


I am starting to realize most people don't read too deep before being distracted,IF YOU DON'T SEE 77 PHOTOS IN THE EMAIL UPDATE CLICK ON CARHUNTER AT THE BOTTOM AND GO DIRECTLY TO THE BLOG TO SEE EM ALL! Never heard of this before and looks like its been around for years! One of the strangest set ups I have seen in a series of makeshift sheds with a gravel floor and lots of open areas and yes I hit my head at least 3 times! Many cats in here and one adopted me , was jumping from car to car and prodding me in the back to play with him while I was taking photos. I am not a big foreign car guy, but the used hard and put away wet collection is a real gem! Hard to pick a favorite, but narrowed to three. Sunbeam Tiger 289 Ford V8 with hard top in place, Fiberglas Daimler Dart and 1960 AC Ace with a 289 Ford V8?? You may know this was the basis for the Shelby Cobras, but years later and the owner admits he is not sure when the V*8 found its way in and this could be the earliest COBRA? THICKLY SETTLED????????? THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT TO SEE HOW A LARGE # OF PHOTOS WORKS ON THE BLOG

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