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Sunday, October 6, 2013


I have been going to the Pigeon Forge Grand Rod run for years now and my first trip I kept seeing rough homemade signs for the Smokey Mountain car museum with really no info and it is crazy because I walked right past it during my first visit and did not know it until I reviewed my photos once home!! In its early days I guess it was quite the attraction as seen in this post card?
So I am upset because I walked right past it or did I?? They have no website and do not return phone calls and it looks like they may find the Rod Run crowd a nuisance and too rowdy? My experience at this event is that the people attending could not be nicer and its a family type event. Instead of opening in April for the Rod Run they open in July, ok maybe they have other winter interests, but July? The best part is they close 2 weeks before the Rod Run in Fall on Labor day, why not stay open for a few more weeks? My opinion is they just don't want the crowds.
If you get there when they are open make sure you pull up and hit the wheel stops as they tell ya, make sure you get the lower air deflector stuck on it and for heavens sake don't leave your glasses or medication in the car or you MUST PAY TO GET BACK IN, HOLY HEMI HEAD SELL THE MUSEUM TO SOME FRIENDLIER FOLKS!! I am shocked they don't fence off the lot so cars can not park during the Rod Runs! Notice no sign telling of when they are open or contact info, NICE!

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