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Monday, June 3, 2019


CARHUNTER wants to jump on the soap box this month as the blog will focus on one subject;
The Pigeon Forge Rod Run

I have heard every opinion, many from closed minded people and this prompted me to put this all in perspective in some way.
The rod run is not a car show by any normal definition because everything you will see here is a freestyle parking lot, a giant used car lot and a "good" freak show!
CARHUNTER does not go here to cruise in one of his cars or look at Dodge Challengers or Chevy Chevelles.
It has become a giant car coral and trading post!
With the size of the area and free run it has become a place to find the oddest and craziest creations.
The locals will tell you they hate it, but it brings a lot of income to the area through the restaurants, hotels, attractions and gift shops.
The traffic is bad, well after attending I believe 18 rod runs it has come to my attention that the traffic is locals looking at the cars not the attending cars themselves - park your car and walk around, you can park in several locations like several churches who take a $10 donation.
I do appreciate those that need to get to work or need to get in and out while working, but there are only a few peak heavy traffic times.
If you live in the area make plans to either spend the day someplace or have a great Family BBQ at home. This is not the only place where peoples lives are disrupted by large local events and you can probably work around it.

The other traffic jam is big diesel pickups mostly at night causing the Police to enforce, noise, rowdy beads for boobs for lack of any other explanation, figure it out!
I get a kick out of this stuff!

I wonder if this gas gauge works?

Look around and laugh, will ya!

A flathead trike, give the guy some credit!

It's an MG!

Where else would you with this except the Pigeon Forge Rod Run?

There actually is some level of class here!

I said we needed TALL pallbearers! 
3-2-1 lift off




Oh it's different!


Ah ha the president of the make it rusty club! 
Yes it is a tubbed pro-street Porsche!


One in every crowd!

You come up with an explanation, but this is why I go here and enjoy it!

Always wondered where all those stubby pickups at airports went?

Eagle beats Trans Am chicken hands down!

The winner of best retro paint!

This always gets me , you love your team so much you kind of deface your car? 
Just narrowed down your resale market!

It's a Kustom Kemp!

Barbie's Jeep!
Mr. Magoo?
Excellent Caddy turnout!

Are we having fun yet?

They always say you see Bears in The Smoky's!

An interesting custom look, Barris would have loved it!
Use that statement as a guide to most peoples admiration of it. 

A pretty rare car with no value, LOL! I was looking into this then I see he sold it for much less he was originally asking! 
They called it the Silver Edition 

Interesting custom I never saw unwrapped?
1982 Nomad?

Not tubbed, but small block Chevy, buy he never popped the hood?

Got all excited as this a very early Plymouth with a HEMI---------- No HEMI valve covers on a small block Chevy 


Look carefully that ain't no 265, it's an LS motor


 Another Bear!
This has been on Craigslist, but gone like all the cars since they started charging for ads!

I was with someone who insisted this was stupid, this is a throwback to an age of visual advertising tools, this was for Donut shop! No of course a muffler shop!  
I think this one was built on  a beat up worthless import pick up so NO classic cars were harmed in this creation!  
Mail box at Pizza Place, come on you just saw the muffler car, a seafood restaurant of course. You getting this yet? 
I had my car serviced here once, just once!

Asking price could not have been close to the cost to build this!


Levi's Edition AMC Gremlin and yes the denim interior was in place!

Aussie UTE GM of Australia - Holden just went out of business too!

Were mini trucks really this mini? Wow that is a term from the past MINI TRUCK! Had an urge for Jumbo Shrimp for some reason?

And the winner for the worst choice to build a Supercharged gasser goes to this little AMC Concord DL!

Now this is cool a mini golf cart street legal Yenko Nova! 

When worlds collide!

Ok it's a vinyl wrap!

Feel free to comment, but what a crazy assortment of vehicles, I give the Rod Run a thumbs up!


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