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Sunday, June 4, 2017


 It looked promising as a big event The 1st Annual Southern Rat Rod Reunion in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and it was not big at all.
The Sevier county fair grounds are outdated and except for a nice river back drop a big let down. a $3o entry fee was a little pricey, not many Rats showed! Some of the ones that did were worth the trip I think! 
Oh yes this Jeepster is a Rat Rod
Many that showed were truly Rat Rods following a theme

The more you looked the more you found to smile about on this one

Yes a mouse is running in a wheel, see the video below
Yes it is VW powered out back 
Yes the "fake" engine has cake pan valve covers
Wheelie bars are quite enthusiastic to say the least!

 Stop asking and just watch the video!
Sometimes you can see a paint job on a Rat making it an entirely new vehicle not a Rat Rod

Starting to see this nose graft idea more and more

More of a Hot Rod than a Rat Rod 

You can drive a motorcycle right onto the "back porch" when lowered

Need more watch the video!
 It's a Big Rig, it's a Rat Rod, it's a Hot Rod and it is different

The show was also the Slamm'n Jamm'n annual show
Was also a low rider, hot rod, tuner etc.... show? 
Now this Diesel powered Willy's was just right! 

Stand back will ya!- Geez traffic cones?

Nice Packard kinda Rat Rod if I say so myself, I did drive it there!
Someone said it looked like a grand piano with the hood tilted


Just rambling down the side roads you can find a bunch of old cars and the unknown if you are a free spirit like the CARHUNTER!
A quiet hidden in plain site museum right in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
is the Rolls Royce Foundation- look how the body molding becomes a door handle!
My guide was a sweet lady named Charlotte who was very informative and admittedly I would ran through here not getting the finer points of some of these great cars.
Did you know that ALL early Rolls Royce cars started as only a chassis like this which was shipped to a Coach builder making each one unique?
Some of the cars were moved out of the main display area for an A/C unit repair this day  

I hope I have the right one, this was owned and restored by the Dentist assigned to travel with president Reagan on Airforce One!

You have to admit the styling is fantastic 
Most of the stories were similar as an elderly person donated their much loved Rolls Royce to the foundation so it would be maintained and enjoyed for ever and this one arrived just because the elderly owner just could not work on it anymore so they are slowly restoring it with volunteer help
Brand new body shell donated 

 This is a BMW produced chassis for a new Rolls Royce, they now own RR
Rows of donated Rolls Royce's the museum must keep them for 3 years and they can sell for funds much needed. Most are not worth restoring or keeping and some are turned away   
These are more commonly seen and much like Packard they became production cars off a line instead of custom built, these do not hold high value 
A very special donation as all Corniche (almost all) are convertibles and yes it is the convertible body with a roof , very rare

Now that is a Rolls Royce!!!

Since these had low narrow windshields the flying lady "took a knee" kneeling to reduce an obstructed view! 

When Rolls Royce owned Bentley the cars were mostly the same except grille work 
Bentley is owned by VW now

Say hello to Honey, they thought it was a repaint and learned unlike most dark painted RR cars this one was actually originally painted this color named Honey!

When you own Polo Ponies and a RR you tailgate in style   
The chairs in the background came with the car

Hard to describe how unique this very rare and unusual Bentley 1935 3.5 litre with a Hooper Coach built body

The late Bob Shaffner who owned Flight Systems is responsible for creating the foundation which maintains an extensive research library and out in the warehouse copies of everything in hopes of one day building a foundation on the West Coast as well! It is a 501C3 not for profit.

Actually a Bentley not a Rolls Royce during those cloudy years

 Sometimes you just keep bumping into old cars everywhere and this one was a ncie spotting since I just spent time at the Rolls Royce Foundation!
 I still was confused since this company is a real estate company sometimes  with a bad reputation?  

Museum was closed, but a bunch of "stuff" was outside what used to be a Bank 

Free styling on the back roads of Pennsylvania/Maryland border - CARHUNTER hit the brakes and backed up!

Formula 550 at another used car guy who did not open until 1pm, he had a huge showroom/building 
Another small car lot, SOLD!
A carport row of old cars

Another shop/sales? No signs no one there!

I just kept spotting them!


 How did it get up there?
Another used car lot!

A motorcycle shop selling cars too!

A bunch of cars lined up like a used car lot no info anywhere!
At a body shop

Just outside a clock repair store!

 Sometimes you just keep finding them on the back roads!

Not what you expected, huh? Yes Packard built trucks too!


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  1. A lot of freaky wild cars at the begging of the blog. The rolls Royce section was unbelievable. What craftsmanship.