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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


It was a visit back in 2012 but enjoy a special visit to the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights Michigan!
 I just did not have my groove locked in yet on the photos so some are not very clear and kind of out of sync.
Both of these were early GM Electric car concepts from the 60's

Where did all those crazy concept cars from the auto shows end up, NOW the Heritage Center

GM had vehicles scattered all over in various buildings that were saved and they finally decided to move them to one location and they arranged them by year and type

This Cadillac was a woman's pride and joy and she donated to GM so they could maintain it after she was gone  


Are you a motorhead? Welcome to the sea of motors! Actually a motor is electric and engines are what we are viewing so go ahead and start to ID them all!

707 Cubic Inches?

 One of every style Suburban!

The Firebird series of concepts actually were fully functioning!



The Buick Y Job said to be the first concept car, MAYBE!

The GMC Front wheel drive 455 powered campers were very cool!

Many legendary muscle cars are here as well

That 707 Cubic Inch engine is what is in these and look how much this car is worth!

 This was a real display inside one of the Futurliners and it still works!
Watch the video showing how the panel flip as progress continues! 

This row was a who's who for sure of the elite!

Ok even the restroom has some history on display
The Heritage Center is not open to the public, but groups can arrange a tour. 

Sad day because the only man I would ever call Batman has died at age 88. I will never even mention the later DARK movies and silly Batmobiles. Only ONE Batman and only ONE Batmobile as far as I am concerned. Adam West kept that humor to the end as he is seen here waxing a fans Batmobile replica! RIP BATMAN

 Could not ignore a great name in the high performance world passing either. The name is so commonly used that we forget it is a mans name!
 Vic Edelbrock was pioneer in high performance aftermarket speed equipment
 Vic passed away last week at age 80
 If you are a real car person then you owned something with his name on it for sure!
RIP and Godspeed to Vic Edelbrock!

If the Packard crowd cringes when one is street rodded then this should kill a few of them!



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