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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I had to just pop this in as I stumbled into this very cool old Diamond T box truck on the way!
Sawyer Motors is a real hometown kind of dealership that is very community oriented and also holds a Jeep event. 
 They even have a 50's style diner within the building.
 The car show does raise money for charities as seen from previous shows.
It all starts with I believe 2 staged areas that cruise the cars on to the closed Main Street

1939 Chrysler Coupe

AMC Gremlin

Nicely done Opel GT

Starsky and or Hutch?


 55,56 and where is the 57?


Looks like a little Vette show in this lot

Spotted this 300 just sitting in a driveway

Looks like a 1930's car, but really is a 1980's car sold at Ford dealership's called a Shay replica

Variety for sure!

The Chief of Police led the parade


It is a Datsun

It was not born this way!

This duo travels, I have seen the truck/racer all over the place!

His son demo'd the "bags" in that pedal car! 

 Open 2 days a week?
Up and down Main Street it is a street fair feel

You probably noticed the pedal cars lining the street, it was a display for the pedal car auction to aid the Patriot Project for local Veterans  

 A show worth the trip even more because the town is a great place to explore!

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