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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


In the last few years a new trend of classic concept car displays as short term exhibits in Art Museums and sometimes this is an oil and water mix.
Real "car guys" and casual art museum attendees are not often rubbing elbows as a rule!
I do have to say the folks that were in attendance during my visit seemed more "user friendly" maybe because it was in Tennessee?
The crown jewels of the exhibit were the Alfa Romeo BAT cars and here is where I insert an option if you would like to know more or just enjoy the photos!

 Yes took many photos the lighting was rather focused and spotlighted and as expected thee crowd around the cars was large!
 I featured the Lincoln Indianapolis at the Sotheby's Auction


If you get emotional don't watch the destruction of most of the Turbine cars!
Watch this instead if you don't want to be upset!

These cars were often Chrysler Fire Power  HEMI powered

 This Ghia/Chrysler is not the mainstream Ghia's often seen

The ATS is the Red car below


Note the 1968 Bizzarrini is the white car above


We were fascinated with the new Jet technology and the cars reflected that as seen in a previous blog

 I really enjoyed my visit to the Frist and have another stop planned in a month to another art museum car display!

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