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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Been told I have Hot Rods and Street Rods on the brain lately, it just falls into all those themed shows that have been around!
For a change let's talk Bulldogs a little! 
The mascot of Mack Trucks is everywhere as you enter the Mack Museum and although they do not build here anymore they do use the track as a test bed.
One of the nicest museums I visited as the people are friendly and helpful, you even get some trinkets to take home! 

Yes it is a Mack TRUCK!
This room was where they tested decibels as seen by the acoustic wall panels 

Namesake Bulldog!
Yes chain drive

Yes Mack built a smaller truck once!

Quick I need a quarter!

Yes Turbine powered

The late Jim Etter hand cast his own Mack truck models and many for the Mack company with fantastic detail!

A crazy concours restoration for sure - every nut and bolt perfect!

Yes the original factory in Brooklyn is still in place and those arches were the garage doors where many a truck entered the world for the first time! 

See you next time Mack, a good idea as the exhibits do change up!

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