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Thursday, June 9, 2016


Hopefully you have viewed parts 1 and 2,if so then welcome to part 3 and final installment of the NSRA nationals WEB VERSION has previous blogs listed to the right >
Even some video in this one and enjoy! 


 He likes Orange

 Gotta love that air cleaner

 REO bus

 The owner was getting a 3rd degree when I took this photo, technical questions like what slugs? The owner was a nice guy and tried to tolerate the tech questions once they were translated back to english! LOL! Slug = Piston

 Stop the clock this is the exact moment CARHUNTER added a Packard Street Rod to my bucket list!

Holy what the?

 No comment

 One question, can I get a Jar of clear? 
Oh yes it is a Packard!

 Yeah a 4 door, but just take the door handles off

 My milk man had a Divco, but not like this!

A little video traffic report starting with this HEMI Dodge Panel Truck, I don't think I could have duplicated this flow of cars again!

 Very rare Hudson pick up

This Olds looks like it just rolled out of the barn, but look again!

 I don't think I have ever seen a 50's Canopy Express before?
 These were usually rolling stores and fruit stands 

 A real rear end because everything else is in front of it, but ScottieD TV is in front doing his thing!

 Larry Shoaf built this amazing 1927 Chrysler that started as a swiss cheese body shell dragged out the woods! 
 Three years after hours, Larry builds street rods for a living and you know this is usually called a track roadster, but seldom are they not Fords
 Complete fabricated chassis and MOPAR small block complete with a 6 bbl intake or is it a 6 pack? It's a Chrysler so pick your poison on that one.  
 It is actually a 318!

 Custom made artillery wheels and a so simple understated Navy Blue finish are perfect touches to a very massaged body 
 Takes a lot to get the CARHUNTER impressed and I WANT THIS CAR!

It is a REO - Ransom E. Olds built cars after his namesake Oldsmobile was pulled from under his feet!
Fix your tie the president is in review! 

 Very odd proportions on this one

 H is for Huppmobile
 Sharp eyes found cars hidden every where!
 Views from the top of the hill!

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