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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The day started with a great plan, hit a show in Redding Ct., I get there and 2 cars are there and I walk up to 2 guys and they ignore me so I decide since the show starts in 5 mins, there is a empty field and 2 guys ignoring me I moved on!  
I arrived at the Klingberg Family center car show, a great group that helps young people in need! 

As you can see a great variety of cars here and although there is a Concours D'Elegance feel as you see later always something for everyone!

Motor looks kinda big in there!

Many 66 chargers were 383, unusual 318 Poly Motor in this one

We tried, the owner was not present, the photo is not of this car, but is it the owner as a youth- WE WILL NEVER KNOW! otherwise IT MAKES NO SENSE?

Such a subtle hot rod

Maybe the most quiet of the Chevy SS cars, almost in passing Monte Carlo SS454 and this one had some documentation  and restored correctly!  

Later Big Block Monte's were just type S which was engine code

It's a Vista Cruiser

Read this carefully 10,500 miles unrestored!

One of two life size Hotwheels 

Hotwheels #2


Got Milk?
Or Milk trucks?

Ransome E. Olds - Yes Mr. Oldsmobile 

Daimler (British) tiny V8 HEMI 

I love street rod Packards

A Buick mirroring the Packard next to it 
A little!

Vanderbilt Cup Racer
At one point a parade of exotics roll in- too bad I missed it!

Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic cars has always been a presence at this show and with his dad and mentor Bob Carini 
Bob Carini passed away in January and being father's day weekend a fitting time for a tribute to not only Bob, but several car dads!   

 Wayne and dad were always the grand marshals and the torch was passed to the next generation as the Carini Family now carries on with daughter Lindsay. Wayne has a touching message about dad on his facebook page.

Would you travel without the bar?

Cars built in Connecticut 

Yes a supercharger 

A Nash in original condition

Just down the road in Berlin CT.

A 1st, for me at least - a straight 8 street rod!

Not a bad assembly of rods!

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  1. A lot of cool cars in great numbers at this show. Love the W30 66 Olds. Brewster was Wild with that front end. Must of been the talk of the automotive industry back then.