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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


No particular order or theme CARHUNTER continues with the vehicles at the spring rod run  

So many custom feature so much clearcoat! 

Did this guy run into a shopping cart that wedged in the grille?

You know I think it was a real Thunderbolt

A color combo we been discussing this week!

I am required by law to take a photo of every 70's Ventura- It's America!
5.0 original recipe?
So could you be a worse salesman? I tried three days to find anyone connected to this Mustang and why?
Looks like a bad attempt at a custom right?
Or does it, the odd roof moldings look like they were professionally made to split the vinyl top and add a targa roof effect 
So you say the window looks rough?
Was a definite barn find
The windows had a very professional trim bezel, although one is missing
A price and no phone number and no one near the car as long as I lingered so who knows any answers?
Stranger prototypes have surfaced

Always a soft spot for Dodge A100's  

This was the orange El camino area
I amy be wrong, but these may have been made at staples?

California 1939 World's fair? What I found is as we all know the World's Fair was in NYC 1939, California issued plates in honor of that event? 
This 1950 Dodge Business coupe got me going- body work was a little off
Red leather
Simple 331 HEMI with auto tranny

Yeah it's got a HEMI!

What a nice DODGE

Small block V8 Corvair
Ralph Nader turned over in his grave, oh he is not dead, this will kill him for sure!

Warlock package

A lot of turbos!

All this stupid Barn Find talk - this is a damn Barn Find -
It's an Overland which was mentioned a few blogs back!

I love cars like this I would buy just for a conversation piece 

More MoRE MORE to come so stay tuned and check previous blog posts 

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